Do you go to work with a heavy heart?

Have you tried various ‘schemes’ promising unlimited riches?

Do you need to earn an income but need to work from home?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you should read this page through to the end.


I’m going to do my absolute best to show you how working from home is possible, lucrative and opportune.

If, like so many of us, you have tried to achieve success from a home business but have come a cropper because you didn’t have the information, tools or knowledge needed to achieve your goals, read on.

I have done my time ‘stuffing envelopes’, hand-knitting and door to door leaflet ending up with paper cuts, calloused hands and worn out shoes but very little income even to replace the shoes.

With a little knowledge and correct information there is nothing stopping any of you from building a successful home based business and start living your dream.

Before I go on any further I think it’s important to tell you that there are unscrupulous individuals and business whose Scamonly mission is to separate you from your money in return for, well, nothing.

Please think very carefully before handing over cash for information, schemes, miracles etc.  If you can’t try out a scheme, or whatever, for free to see if it for you, then leave it where you found it.

I shall be reviewing as many products, schemes, books, miracles, etc, etc, etc so you can make informed choices without losing hard earned cash.

What is Stopping you from working from home?

Is it because you think you need an outlay?

Are you scared to give it a try?

Have you already tried it and not succeeded?

Maybe, you have been a victim of a scam and have lost confidence in yourself.

I would love to hear your reasons and it may help others here who are in the same boat and want to be successful.

There are, in my opinion, three things needed to build a successful home-based business wherever you are based in the world.


A home based business can be a lonely business and having someone to share your successes and failures is essential.  If you hit a brick wall or a problem you can’t solve, there is nothing worse than having no-one to help you.


You are probably not going to make your fortune within 72 hours of starting your business.  Of course, if you do, please share your technique.


In this day and age there is an infinite amount of ways to learn or update your skills.  It isn’t enough though, to read, watch or listen to any training without actions.

There are some excellent resources on and off line to help you with any learning needs and I shall be outlining and reviewing them on this site.

You know the saying ‘practice makes perfect….

There should be nothing stopping you from putting the wheels in motion to begin your new life working from home.  Who knows, in a short time with help, persistence and learning you could be living your dreams.

Before I leave you I want to share with you the training platform where I learnt all about internet marketing. It is the place that has helped me become an internet marketer who can work from home or anywhere in the world.  I can spend time with my family and work in a stress-free environment.  It is free to join and you can spend your time checking out the site without even giving your bank details.  Click here for my number one recommendation for internet marketing training.

If you have experiences or questions about having your own home-based business please give me a shout. Click here to send a message.