Hello and welcome to Start Your Business Online.  My name is Jackie and I’m here to guide you through the safe, intricate, difficult, lucrative and fun world of how to start your business online.

I have Social Anxiety Disorder.  I have had this for most of my life but a label has only been put on my anxieties within the last few years.


Having a ‘label’ made things simpler for me to understand what was going on in my head.  It meant that I could work towards getting rid of the label.Hiding

Labels can cause issues with some illnesses, anxieties, conditions etc and I can appreciate how debilitating they can be for some people. But for me, it made a difference.

Social Anxiety support, as with many emotional, psychological, mental or stress-related conditions can be hard to find. No bandages, no casts, no stitches or bruises make it difficult for some people to know how to react. It is the ‘crossing the road’ syndrome.  You know the one I mean, you see someone walking towards you who has been diagnosed with a ‘mental illness’ and so you cross the road so you don’t have to speak to them.

If you have an anxiety disorder or know someone who is suffering with it, this website is for you.  Just creating this website has made a huge difference to my outlook of life.  I’m no longer useless, helpless or a drain on society.  The beauty of this is I could do it with social anxiety disorder and didn’t have to wait until I am ‘cured’.

I have found a way to earn some money, learn new skills, connect with people all over the world, help people all without leaving my front door. Wealthy Affiliate has been my salvation – yep, I know it sounds rather extreme but I couldn’t have done it without them.

I understand that some people may feel that this isn’t overcoming the anxieties but hiding behind them and I can see their point but we all need to start somewhere, don’t we? 

Online marketing suits me down to the ground and I hope that some of you will take the plunge and see if it can make a difference to your life.In Plaster

If you like to hide behind the computer, need a confidence boost, raise your self esteem and/or need an income without leaving the safety of your home, having an online business may be the answer for you.  

I’m not saying that having a business online will solve all the problems life throws at you but I know from experience it has given me the opportunity to see myself in a different light and slowly but surely my self esteem is working its way out of the quagmire.

I belong to an extraordinary online community who have been there for me every step of the way and I’m not sure I could have done any of this without their support. 


Free starter membershipI would love you to be able to see the benefits of an online business and maybe finding a way to become a social butterfly.

What an adventure!

You can contact me within Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on my profile.  Here is the link. Jackie’s WA profile. I look forward to hearing from you.