Affiliate Marketing – The Smart Way

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Once you have your affiliate marketing website up and running you’ll want to make sure you are running your business in the best way you can. This article show you how to do affiliate marketing the smart way.

Internal Links

If you have too many activities and affiliate links on a page your visitor will become confused and it will become difficult to choose an action.

A good idea is to centralize your links. For example, if you are promoting a high end sewing machine, make sure you have an informative and detailed review written on your site. Then you can mention the machine on other articles you write and send people to your review where you’ll have your affiliate links placed strategically. Google likes to see internal links rather than loads of affiliate links.

Be A Customer Yourself

If possible, buy the product you are promoting and test the system. It will give you the chance to produce a thorough review as well as making sure the procedures work eg, posting, packing, customer service etc.

If you find the product of system is lacking in some manner, write about it. Visitors will like your honesty and trust in your brand will grow.

Be Patient

It’s very tempting in affiliate marketing to succumb to ‘shiny object syndrome’ and lurch from one technique, program or resource to another. Try not to dramatically change from one strategy to another unless you have given it a good run.

Track your results –

Although reviewing your results can be great motivation,
especially when you see how much money is on the way to your commission account, constantly checking results can be a time-consuming activity and one that can deflect from building your business.

Make a plan and track your results so you can see what is working well and if something isn’t working consistently, change the product or maybe the tactic.

Suggesting Rather Than Selling

It is the job of your affiliate company to do the selling. Your job is to suggest to your visitors good products and services that can help them solve any problems.

Writing impartial reviews is an invaluable resource for your visitors. They can read you review and then make informed choices about whether to click the ‘buy now’ button. If you come across as salesy and ‘desperate’ for a sale you’ll lose credibility.

Some other aspects to consider

Consider introducing different languages to your website, which allows non-english speaking customers to reach your content and click on your affiliate links

Videos can be a great way to promote different products. This is a wonderful way to add content to your site if you aren’t keen on writing

Run campaigns to see if banners work more effectively than deep linking. See if larger or smaller images have an impact on your bounce rate. Any type of campaign should be analyzed to see which work and which don’t. This will streamline your business so you spend more time on strategies that work rather than on those that don’t.

As always, drop me a line if you need any help with your online business. I’m very happy to help.


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