Amazon Affiliate Program – The 2 Best Features

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While some might point to the drawbacks of using the Amazon Affiliate Program, namely the smaller commissions, there are two factors to Amazon’s affiliate program that should have you VERY excited.

If one of your readers clicks on your Amazon affiliate link, you will receive a commission on ALL of the products they buy (within twenty-four hours).

What does this mean for you?

This means you should leverage Amazon’s strength. Namely, they are really, really good at selling products. They’ve been at this for a while now and know how to increase sales. All you need to do is focus on getting people to click your affiliate links.

How can I use this to my advantage?

There’s no place like Amazon for the Holidays

Promote products around holidays and times when people are buying. This means: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Back-to-School shopping!

Your link might send someone to Amazon and even if they don’t buy your promoted item, they may think, “Oh, gee, while I’m here, I need to buy a gift for Johnny and Aunt Louise.” Bam! You earned money from their gift shopping.

Help Your Readers

If your blog is about golf and you notice a fantastic golf club on sale – let your readers know. Use your blog and your email newsletters to promote the discount. Your readers will appreciate the heads-up. Maybe they’ve been eyeing that particular club and be ready to buy now that its discounted!

The more items you sell (not money you make) through your affiliate link, the higher commission Amazon will give you.

DollarWhat does this mean for you?

This means you can use small ticket items to help build your commission rates so when you do promote large ticket items, you’ll earn more!

How can I use this for my advantage?

Promote Related Products

If we return to your blog about golf, promote related products. Related products on your golf blog might be gloves, hats, tees, etc.

Monetize Old Posts

Start with your top-performing posts and add affiliate links. Find non-affiliate links to products you already posted and change it to an affiliate link. It may also mean modifying old content to drop in an affiliate link.

Other Tips:

  • Product reviews convert the best. People want to know your honest experience with a product – so share it!
  • Use the tools Amazon provides. Track what works and make the most of those tools.
  • Use photographs of the items you promote and make those photos into links.
  • Consider making lists. On your golf blog, a post titled “Seven Must Have Items for Your Golf Cart” makes sense. Drop in affiliate links and your readers will appreciate your help. But, don’t make these lists all the time or you run the risk of being disingenuous.  
  • Experiment with the Amazon Buy Now button. At this point, many people are familiar with the button and may appreciate its usefulness.
  • Don’t litter your page with affiliate links. Determine which links (and link placement within the body of your content) get the highest conversions and use the information to your advantage! Too many links can turn off potential readers.
  • Use a call-to-action. It’s okay to ask people to check out the products on Amazon.
  • For more tips, take a look at my previous posts on affiliate marketing. Most of the advice I share applies to maximizing your use of the Amazon Affiliate Program. You can find my posts here:

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  1. Dom

    Hey Jackie I had a couple questions about Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

    You said in your post that if someone clicks through to Amazon using one of your links and they buy something that you will still earn money off commission.

    So if I have a link promoting a certain headphone and they end up purchasing some deodorant or christmas tree lights, for example, does that mean I would earn commissions off those purchases?

    If so, I need to jump on that and sign up to be an affiliate with them. It seems as though the possibilities are limitless with this type of marketing.

    • Jackie

      Absolutely Dom.  You will get commission on anything that is bought through your affiliate link.

      It is worth signing up and start earning quickly.

      Good luck


  2. Brendon

    I have been into affiliate marketing for a short time now and i am always looking for new things to offer.

    I just read your article “Amazon Affiliate Program – The 2 Best Features”, and i did not even know you could promote amazon!

    Thanks for sharing this post I added it to my favorites so I can come back when i have more time~


    • Jackie

      That’s very kind of you Brendon.

      Amazon is a great place especially if you are just starting out with affiiate marketing.

      Good luck with your ventures.


  3. Nathan

    Hi Jackie, thanks for this informative post. I have recently become an Amazon Affiliate and I’ve had some clicks but no sales, yet. I’m sure that I will be getting sales soon, even more so after reading your clear breakdown of the way to go about it. I didn’t know that the commission percentage goes up when you sell more, that’s really good to know. Can you please tell me what tools within the Amazon Affiliate program have been most valuable to you?
    Much appreciated and all the best to you,

    • Jackie

      Hi Nathan

      To be honest, I only ever really use the text links as they are fit in with my niche sites.

      Thanks for visiting and I wish you good luck with your website.  I’m sure it won’t be long for the commissions come in.


  4. MIck

    Very informative website. I too use amazon as a associate on both my websites to sell products. You provide a lot of good information for a person who probably has not considered amazon as a possible new source of income. You even gave me an idea for one of my websites. Thank You! I use deep links on Commission junction to get the buyer to my advertiser’s websites. Product links are good too. I have used several. Your content gives the reader new ideas for starting up an online business. Keep up the good work!

    • Jackie

      Thank you Mick.  I appreciate your comment.



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