Be Passionate, Be Amazing, Be Enthusiastic And Share The Love

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Why would you want to leave a boring job to own a boring business?

Not only would you be bored out of your head but the business wouldn’t exist for very long.

To have a successful online business you need to be passionate, be amazing, be enthusiastic and share the love for your business.

What is it that excites you or perhaps, de-stresses you?

What is it that makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle or has you laughing out loud?

Using your passion to earn an income seems a perfect remedy.

And without a doubt this could be sex, drugs rock’n’roll and/or crochet – whatever floats your boat really.

Your website will need to be updated and added to constantly so you will want to enjoy it. You won’t be motivated if your business is something that bores you senseless.  Frankly, you might as well have a JOB!

Are you an expert in carpentry and want to share your knowledge with others?Motivation


Give away information for free?


If you think about the probability of buying a service or product from someone you don’t trust, giving them your business is unlikely. So before you start even thinking of selling anything on your website it is essential to build a relationship and rapport with your visitors.

You have the passion, knowledge or expertise to share with others.

Your website, your business should centre around what you can do for others rather than how much you can make from others.  The income comes naturally after the trust has been formed.

Your enthusiasm for your business will come through in your communication and it will inspire and interest your readers.

Become A Story Teller

Tell stories about your business; the ups and downs, the funny episodes.  You are a real person speaking to real people and you know how we all love a good story.  Reach out and touch your visitors so they know you care.

This is, of course, so much easier when you love what you are doing.  Even the most boring of topics can come across exciting with enthusiasm and passion.  It probably would be a bad idea to list some topics I feel are boring but you get the message I hope.

If you have never listened or watched Pat Flynn at I recommend you check him out.

He has managed to build a successful business but has built the most amazing relationships with his followers.

He tells stories about his life, family and business and you’ll end up wanting to send him Christmas cards because he comes across as a great friend.

Why not share a story about your passion, business, job or life.  You can use the box below or email me at

Remember, it’s your passion; sex or drugs or rock’n’roll or knitting or reading or loom bands or joinery.  Spread the love!

As you may have realised I adore being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and believe it is the best when it comes to learning about having a successful online business.  I’ve been a member for more than four years now and wouldn’t even consider jumping ship.

The community is awesome and I have made some wonderful friends who are always there, at the touch of a button, to lend a hand, answer a question or get me out of a muddle.

It’s free to join so I recommend clicking the image below, signing up (no credit card is needed) and having a jolly good look around the site to see the benefits.


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