Blog Profit Machine

Is Blog Profit Machine going to help you to become a successful online marketer?

Will it lead you through the process of how to monetize your blog?

Below is my honest review of this product and how it compares to other online programs claiming to help you in your quest for success.

Blog Profit Machine is, basically, a product discussing how to monetise your blog.

It  alleges to cover everything you will need to know to monetise your blog whether and experienced blogger or a complete novice to the world of blogging.

The Nitty Gritty…

  • Vendor                    Moses Njoku

  • Product                   Blog Profit Machine

  • Launch Date           20th April 2016

  • Price Paid               $9.95

The product consists of :

One interview with Steven J. Wilson

One interview with Gael Brenton

One video discussing everything need to be learnt to monetise you site.

Steve Wilson Interview

The first part of Blog Profit Machine is an ‘Exclusive Interview with Steve Wilson, founder of 

As well as the video there is a ppt, mp3 and PDF to accompany the video.The need for punctuation

The video is 56 minutes long

I have to admit that I couldn’t watch or listen to the complete recording due to the bad sound quality.  I found it very hard to understand. So I downloaded the PDF and read the script.

Appalling punctuation !!!

From what I understand this interview was to learn how to monetize your blog but, from what I could understand, Steve Wilson hasn’t started to monetize his blog yet!!

I should be giving you a complete run down on this interview but to be absolutely honest, I was so bored and confused.

One thing I have learnt from my online experiences is the need for images.  As I didn’t see the video all the way through I can’t say there aren’t any but there certainly were none on the PDF.  To read more about the importance of ‘pretty’ pages, click here.

This means that I sat staring at a block of text with hardly any breaks or images.  I found it extremely hard to understand what was going on.

I’ve been in this business for a few years and although I will always be learning new concepts etc this interview left me reeling.  I have no idea what it is all about.

I realise that this was only on the PDF but it didn’t matter how many times I read it I couldn’t make sense of it.

Goodness knows what a complete novice would make of it.  It would be a shame if they were put off starting an online business by this interview.Steven J Wilson video screenshot

Steve Wilson was insistent that making mistakes was a good thing because he learnt from them.  Although I understand that sometimes the best way to learn is to fail, online marketing isn’t rocket science and there is plenty of free advice and learning platforms to guide you through the whole process.

If you really want to know what Steve J Wilson has to say then, personally I’d visit his blog which is much better than this interview.

Gael Brenton InterviewGael Brenton video screenshot

37.04 minutes.

I hate to say it but what I said about the previous interview goes exactly for this one.

High Level Monetization Breakdown

Yet again, I couldn’t understand what was being said because of the bad sound quality so I read the script instead. Below is an excerpt…

breakdown of interviews 2016-05-31 15-12-31

These are the methods that Moses recommends for making money with your website.

Advertising Affiliate marketing Email marketing

Creating products


Video courses

Software products

Physical products

Membership sites

Offering your services Consulting Coaching

Leveraging your acquired blogging skills

Guest posting

Freelance writing

Selling your website.

Although Moses does go through each method (remember I had to read through the information because of the appalling sound quality), there is nothing mind blowing or innovative in this information.  It can all be found for free.  At the end of this review I’ll give you a link to one of the only places I could recommend for online learning.

This part of the training package was ok – not sparkling – but it does have some useful information but it’s available for free on other platforms.

The Bonus Section

This consists of 3 separate sections

  1.  A Resource Guide.

Blog Profit Machine

Basically this is a list of websites.

2.  Blogging Expert Crash Course

I tried to enter this section but it just kept coming back to the sign in page so I gave up.

Update:  I’ve just found a link in my emails to go to this page.

This took me to a page with a link to ‘The Blogging Expert Crash Course’

3.  The Facebook Traffic LoopholeBlog Profit Machine

I signed up for the freebie

And got a book about facebook  by ‘ Alexandra Lu

I’m not sure connection Alexandra has with Moses…

Under the free gift there are other upsells



The Price

This is the part of this particular product I find hard to understand.

You can buy this product for $9.95

Below is a screenshot of the price before the discount.Blog Profit Machine cost breakdown

This means the price without a discount is…$710 for Blog Profit Machine

It certainly makes the $9.95 look like a bargain doesn’t it?


  • Some of the advice is pertinent to blogging
  • $9.95


  • Sound quality of videos is dreadful.
  • Punctuation in transcripts of videos is sporadic at best.
  • The sales page appears to offer much more than is actually in the package.
  • The content is muddled and hard to understand.
  • Nothing is a surprise – everything within this product can be found online for free.
  • Moses seems to be saying that you have to spend money to have a monetised blog. 
  • Poor quality product.



Suitable for Inexperienced







Blog Profit Machine

All in all I found this product worthless.

I got 3 videos with bad sound.

A free e book by someone else.

The opportunity to sign up to another course.

I was confused about the free gifts and couldn’t relate them to the main product.  In fact they didn’t even seem to have the same titles.

I did ask for a refund and heard nothing so...

Would I recommend this product for you to use?

Do I think you could monetize your blog by buying this product?

I’m afraid the answer to both questions is…


For the real deal in internet marketing training I recommend you visit the Wealthy Affiliate site where you can learn all there is to know about creating a successful online business.

You can join for free and I have written all about the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership.  Just click on the link below.

Free starter membership



  1. David

    Thank you for this review, Jackie.
    I fail to understand how he can quote the $710 price for all this information that is available, as you quite rightly say, for free with little effort. Even at the heavily discounted rate of $9.95, whilst not a scam as such, it is still overpriced.
    Keep up the good work and agree that the best place to learn is Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Jackie

      Thanks David
      You are right, I don’t believe this is a ‘scam’ just someone who hasn’t researched his topic or the way to broadcast his knowledge. $710 is a mad price to quote for this product though – in fact, so is $9.95.
      I have learnt all I know from Wealthy Affiliate and would go anywhere else.
      Thanks again

  2. john savage

    Hey Jackie

    Thank you for this.

    I dont think from what you say, they are scams. Im all up for starting something before i am ready, but maybe they dont have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry it off just yet.

    Clearly though from what you say, they are motivated by money first the person last.


    • Jackie

      Thanks John
      It is a shame isn’t it?
      If this is his first foray into providing a product to, hopefully, help people with their online experience, then maybe it would have been better to test the water and provide a few free products to begin.
      The feedback would show where to make improvements.
      But, when money is the driving force…

  3. Simon

    Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for the info regarding the blog profit machine – I won’t be buying it, sounds like a right waste of money.
    I keep reading great reviews regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I understand they teach you how to build a website and how to market your business.
    The thing is, I know what I want to promote and am willing to do all the training regarding setting my website up but how will I get traffic to my website?
    Is there a way how to do this as I feel I will get nowhere due to the competition on-line?
    Looking forward to your reply,

    • Jackie

      Hey Simon, thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I am probably a biaised towards Wealthy Affiliate because I’ve been a member for over 3 years now.
      On the other hand I’ve not come across anything that offers the same quality and support.
      All I can suggest is that you give it a try. You can join for free without even giving bank details.
      Then, once you are on the platform, you’ll have seven days to have a really good look around at all the different aspects before you decide if you want to stay as a free member – which is fine – or if you want to upgrade to a premium member.
      Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in your business ventures.
      Take care

  4. Juanje


    Do you have any information about It’s a GPT site but I didn’t find it on your site, and it looks good.


    • Jackie

      I’ve not heard of it but shall certainly look out for it.
      Once I’ve had a look I’ll get a review done.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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