Building Self Confidence For Women

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One of the most common maxims in the business world states that fortune favors the brave. Bravery in this case refers to one’s ability to pursue any goal they might have with confidence and zeal.

The reason why self-confidence is always linked to prosperity and fulfillment is because success always involves getting out of your comfort zone and taking a few risks, and this requires confidence.

Most people fail to put their wonderful ideas into practice as they are held back by their fear of failure and criticism. These feelings of inadequacy are usually brought about by low self-confidence.

Low self-confidence is a dream-killer and it can lead to lots of regrets later in life. Studies have revealed that women are more likely to suffer from low levels of confidence throughout their lives compared to men. This may be caused by several factors including the fact that for a long time in history they were fewer opportunities open for women to explore both professionally and in business. Thankfully, there is less gender bias in the modern world and more women are becoming successful in areas which were previously male-dominBuilding self confidence for womenated.

Self-confidence is a character trait found in almost all women who have encountered success in their respective fields.

The truth however is that most of these women also suffered from low self-confidence at some point in their lives. They nevertheless gained more confidence over time by adjusting their way of thinking and adopting positive habits which made them view life differently.

Here are some helpful tips to help with building self-confidence for women and inspire them to pursue their dreams without fear.

1. Find A Role Model

Taking the plunge into unfamiliar territory is always scary at first. You will undoubtedly have lingering questions in the back of your head asking whether you are making the right decision. It is also likely that you will have no idea of what challenges lie ahead and how to cope with them.

Having a role model who you can look up to for inspiration and guidance can help you build more confidence to get you going.

A role model in this case can be anyone who has succeeded in an area similar to that which you would like to pursue under circumstances comparable to yours. For example if you would like to pursue a career in photography you can search online for acclaimed female photographers and read some articles on how they made it. By doing this you will not only find encouragement but also ideas on how to handle some of the challenges that you may encounter in the future.

2. View Your Mistakes As Lessons Rather Than Disasters.

building self confidence for womenWhen doing something for the first time, you are bound to make plenty of mistakes due to your inexperience.

In life, mistakes are part and parcel of the learning process. Every successful person will admit that they made several blunders when they first began and that the lessons they learnt from these mistakes contributed to their eventual success.

People often get discouraged when they encounter failure and end up giving up on promising ideas a little too soon. This is often the case when these people perceive the failure to be a result of their own shortcoming as opposed to random misfortunes. This can result in diminished confidence that can drain any enthusiasm to pursue other ambitions in your life

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. What matters is being able to learn from these mistakes. Once you adopt this way of thinking, you will gain more self-confidence.

3. Expand Your Knowledge

Low confidence is sometimes caused by a lack of proper understanding for a particular business, making it seem more complex than it actually is. Taking time to learn the basics of anything you wish to accomplish first will provide you with a clearer insight of exactly what it entails.

You will also be able to work out some inventive ways of solving some problems that may arise along the way once you have a deeper understanding of how a particular business works. You can take an online course, do some in-depth research on whatever business you would like to get into or even sign up for part-time college classes to broaden your knowledge and improve on your skills.

4. Focus Only On What You Can Control

Fear of the unknown is a problem that everyone has grappled with at some point in their life.

Some of these fears are sensible and worth reflecting on. Most of these fears are nevertheless irrational and are mostly the result of our brains playing tricks on us leading to low confidence in the process.

The human brain is wired to categorize anything we have little control over as a risk. This however presents a problem for any ambitious person out there since risks and success are often intertwined.

When taking on a new challenge you should work towards putting in your best effort and let everything else that is beyond your control unfold as it should. If it doesn’t work out you can at least take a few lessons out of the experience and find comfort in the fact that you did your best and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

I would recommend this book, The Chimp Paradox, by Prof Steve Peters, if you find that you tend to become irrational over certain situations. You can read my review here.

5. Forge Your Own Idea Of Success Building self confidence for women

The society we live in can sometimes brainwash us into believing that there is a fixed definition of success that we should all strive to accomplish.

The pressure to achieve these predetermined goals can sometimes become a burden especially for anyone having independent aspirations and dreams. Low self-confidence and feelings of inadequacy can develop whenever someone fails to meet the expectations of the people around them or when they choose to follow a different path. This should never be the case.

You only have one life to live and you should make the most of it by doing what you love and pursuing your own dreams. Don’t be scared of being different. The same people who criticize you for following a nonconformist path will applaud your efforts when you finally make it.


  1. Andrew G

    I love the simplicity of your message her on your site today. It takes courage to act on ones’s positive desires, and I feel that you are helping someone, if not more than 1 ladies in need of the self image needed to take on the risk in the business world. Here’s a question: Is there a woman’s professional network that is popular for entrepreneurs such as yourself and those who might read your blog?

    • Jackie

      Thank you for your kind words, Andrew.

      There are a growing number of professional networks for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.  Personally, I always recomend Wealthy Affiliate because it gives great support and amazing training.  The other great thing about it is it is free to join.

      Thanks again.


  2. BA

    Hi Jackie,
    I really like your site as it empowers women to do their best. Thanks for sharing tips on boosting confidence because I think I really need these tips, I guess 🙂 I saw review about “chimp paradox” and got some idea how to iron conflicts and understand myself better. Have a great day and gain thank you for empowering and inspiring your readers. Regards, BA

    • Jackie

      Thank you BA for your comment.

      We all need some confidence boosting at some time don’t we.  The Chimp Paradox was a real eye-opener for me.


  3. Dave

    Hallo there Jackie,

    I just got married to a beautiful wife a few months ago but she has been very disappointed because she feels hasn’t been as “perfect” as a wife as she would want.

    I have been trying to tell her she is doing okay but she won’t listen. Now her level of confidence is down. I will get her to read your second tip so that she knows what I am saying. Thanks.

    • Jackie

      Hello Dave,

      Congratulations on your marriage.  

      I wonder if reading this book would help your wife.  I know it made a huge impact on the way I see myself and how I handle different situations. It’s called ‘The Chimp Paradox’ and I’ve written a review that you can read here.


  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Although this article is centred around women there is a lot that us men can take form it too. I still have to admit that certain things are just more difficult for women to do than men, just due to our different roles in life. One being starting a business (on or offline), this is simply due to a woman having the task of balancing business life with family life.

    This I do believe is seen in the corporate world where still women have to choose between having a family and her career. More often than not the high career girls have children much later in life. This is something (sadly) society still has to address.

    • Jackie

      Oh Derek, what a wonderful comment.  It is a dreadful shame that in this day and age women are still thought of as the ‘home maker’ rather than a person in her own right.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.


  5. Wendy

    I think my biggest challenge with confidence I worrying too much about what others think. This has always been a challenge for me as I always want to make a good impression. But I always am more confident when I just do what I know is right and follow my passions.

    • Jackie

      Hello Wendy

      I understand how you feel.  I suffer from social anxiety disorder (although not as bad as I used to!) and it has had a huge negative impact on my life at times.

      I read The Chimp Paradox recently and I would recommend it.

      Thanks for stopping by 



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