Checklist For Starting An Online Business

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You have decided that the time has come to begin your foray into internet marketing and want to start an online business.

Now What?

Where on earth do you start?

Here is a simple checklist for starting an online business.  I have included some links to more detailed explanations if needed.

The Process Of Earning Money Online

Before the checklist I thought it good idea to show you how the process of making money online works.   Rather than go into lots of written detail I’ve created this simple diagram to explain the basics.

The Checklist

1. Write down your financial and non financial goals.  

Knowing your starting position is usually obvious but where do you want to be next week, month and year?  Having a goal gives you a focus and makes it much easier to plan ahead.

For more information on goals and target I’ve written a more detailed article here and here.

2.  Your next job is to choose a niche.  

In its simplest form a niche is your audience – those people who you want to visit your online business.

This is where you need to be a bit canny.

Believe it or not, it is much better to have a narrow niche.  For example, say you want an online business about keeping fit.  This is a huge niche and would be hard to get your foot in the doorway.  

It is much better to whittle down your niche, at least in the beginning, to something like, ‘keeping fit in your own home, keep fit for the over 60s etc.

For more information on choosing a niche have a look at this post and this one

3.  Now you have your niche, eg, keep fit for the over 60s.  The next job is to get a domain name.  

There are many places you can buy this.  I buy mine from either NameCheap or Wealthy Affiliate.        Wealthy Affiliate

As a member at Wealthy Affiliate I also get free hosting so they would be my first choice but I have found NameCheap to be easy to use and helpful.

When buying your domain remember to be careful with your spelling.  The last thing you want is a web address with a spelling mistake – or!

4.  The next step is to build your website.

I can almost hear you groan.  Honestly, it is so easy especially with WordPress.  Below is a video showing how you can set up a website in 30 seconds – Don’t believe me?  Have a look!

5.  Your brand new website is up and running but rather empty.  Now is the time to add content.

Whatever niche you have chosen an important point to remember is your visitors will be coming to you to solve a problem.  

Your job is the solution to their problem.  Whether that problem be they need a stepping machine suitable for their age, how to overcome aching muscles after a workout or where to find a trainer.  

Your goal is to build trust so your visitors know where to come for great advice, help and resources.

These are the first basic steps to get going on your online business.  I have linked to other posts to expand on the explanations to help you on your way.



  1. Norman Richards

    This is a great breakdown of what has to happen in order to have and online business, it will take some work however, but rewards are there. You post is well detailed and easy to follow. I am sure that your readers will love what you are offering here, Thanks for sharing.

    • Jackie

      Hello Norman, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

  2. Grant Sudduth

    A wonderful step by step order of what is needed to get your business going! This is what I’ve always wanted to do and I believe now is the time! Thanks for your info!

    • Jackie

      Hey Grant thanks for stopping by
      I wish you every success for your online journey

  3. Tom Lawrence

    Hi Jackie,

    Great post, you have made it really easy for the reader to learn the process of making money online.

    I like the use of the wealthy affiliate video and links, well done.

    Keep up the good work and stay in touch.


    • Jackie

      Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.
      Wealthy Affiliate has some great video resources doesn’t it?
      Take care

  4. Wenda

    Great post Jackie. I’ve written down the steps, because they are so spot on! Thanks for posting the video, very helpful.

    • Jackie

      Hey Wenda, thanks for visiting my site.
      I’m so pleased you found this post helpful
      Take care

  5. Lucas1337

    Great post here.

    It really helps that you explain the steps in simple terms for the newbies. I believe anyone reading this will be able to start their online business easily.

    Personally I believe point 5 is the most important point, being the solution to the problem, just saying 😀

    • Jackie

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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