Creating Effective Solo Ads

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The largest challenge to starting your online business is lead generation and brand recognition. You may have fantastic online content and a great product or service to sell, but if no one knows you exist, all your work has been for naught.

This is where solo ads enter the picture.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads, simply put, are buying advertising on someone else’s email list. When you purchase a solo ad, you want to find someone’s list that is targeted to your audience or niche.

Why would I buy Solo Ads?

Building TrustWhen you first start out, you have a very limited email list. Email campaigns, via the email list you develop over time, are one of your best sources of increasing traffic to your site, creating sales, or creating awareness for your brand.

The goal of a solo ad is always lead generation. Do not use a solo ad to sell a product. You need to build trust and interest with a potential customer. By getting someone’s email address and adding them to your own email list, you have the ability to build that relationship.

If you link to a sales page in your solo ad, you can’t follow up with those leads. You miss out on lead generation: The whole purpose of using a solo ad in the first place!

How do I create a Solo Ad?

You have about three options for creating a solo ad.

  • Find a marketing agency that will create a solo ad for you. These agencies are a bit hard to find and generally also provide email lists for your ad. The downside of these type of services is that they have higher costs. Most likely, if you are using solo ads as a marketing tool, you are probably doing so to save money.
  • Use an independent contractor. You can find independent contractors or solo entrepreneurs by asking around. It’s generally word -of-mouth that you’ll find someone this way. A website like Fiverr is also a good place to your search. If you aren’t skilled in graphic design, but want to use an image as an ad, this is probably an excellent route to go.
  • Create a solo ad yourself. This is probably your best place to start. Only you best know your product and can most effectively write about it.

How do I create an effective solo ad?

  • Create a strong, compelling, click-worthy subject line. The subject line is critical. It’s the first thing someone sees in their inbox. If it doesn’t catch their attention, they won’t open the email.
  • Send the reader to a landing page. I’ve discussed the importance of the landing page already, but you need an effective landing page. The landing page should be simple. No content, no menu . . . nothing. Just an image that gives the person a feel for your business and a way to capture your email address. Check out a service like MailChimp, that recently started offering landing pages to complement their email campaign services.
  • FreebieOffer a freebie. Create an informative e-book or information download that you can offer to those who sign up via your landing page.
  • Make sure the only goal of the email body is the click. Whatever your write, make sure it is compelling and makes a person to want to click.
  • Keep it all about them. We are pretty self-centered creatures – so keep the content all about your customer. What problem is your potential customer trying to solve? Offer your audience solutions to those problems. Focus on the desire of the consumer, not how awesome you are.
  • Keep your content short and sweet. It’s hard enough to get someone to open the email and to click your link, so don’t waste their time. Stay concise and focused in your email content.
  • Include a Call-to-Action. If you don’t tell the reader of the email that you want them to click on a link – they won’t. Ask them to visit your landing page!
  • Focus on relationship building. Make sure you have an automated follow up email campaign (which includes a “thank you email”) set up before you schedule a solo ad. But, don’t inundate your readers with follow up emails. Treat your new subscribers with respect.
  • Include a link to your website. Remember, you are also trying to build brand awareness and trust. Give them an opportunity to learn more about you.

To find out more about solo ads click here


  1. Jeff Marshall

    I have not heard of this concept before a friend told me about creating solo ads. Got some great tips on how to make a solo ad for email lists but I wonder if you can help me with one thing?
    How would I go about making a free solo ad and if I got someone to do this for me, how much would this cost?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Jackie

      Hi Jeff, I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘free solo ad’

      Maybe you could expand on your question so I can help?


  2. Nicolaas

    Hi Jackie

    I am at the stage where I need targeted traffic to my website and I am exploring all the possible options including solo ads.

    But as with everything online, there are a lot of scammers in the solo ads business. Are there any solo ads companies that you can recommend?

    I’ve heard about Udimi and according to some client reviews, they don’t look too bad. Do you know them and what did you think of them?

    Thank you and take care.

    • Jackie

      Hi Nicolaas

      I’ve used Udimi in the past with a varied amount of success.  The other place you could try is Facebook.  Try this group for starters

      I wrote a post on how to choose the best solo ad vendors.  You can find it here

      Hope it helps


  3. Dominik

    This is really interesting for me as I have never heard of Solo Ads. I learn something new all the time in the world of online business. This might be something worth looking into for me to gain more traffic onto my website and you have given a very easy and clear guide to follow. I wanted to use Fiverr for something different before but I will definitely look into the whole idea of Solo Ads, it might be worth it.

    • Jackie

      Hi Dominik

      Before you think about using Fiverr I would suggest you look at this training 

      Hope it helps as much as it helped me



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