Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

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What Is An SSL Certificate And Do I Need One?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (so that’s cleared that up!!)

SSL began its life when people started to shop online. It is essential that customers are protected when giving their banking and personal details over the internet.

Having an SSL certificate on your site give you *https* and once you have this you’ll be able to see a green padlock icon in your address bar next to your URL.

The image below shows my green padlock (you can also see it in the address bar above)

The Importance Of Site Security

Have you ever been in the position of visiting a website and seen something alerting you to the fact there may be a virus lurking within the site or a message saying ‘this site may harm your computer’?

This is what happens when a website has been compromised and is a huge issue for website owners and visitors. This could mean that visitors to your site could be open to identity theft or fraud among other issues. This is where and SSL certificate can help.

In March 2015 Google reported that 17 million websites had been affected by malware. This sounds bad enough but in March 2016 that number had increased to 50 million. That’s an increased of than 100% in a year so you can see the problem isn’t going away.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to malware finding its way onto your website. It is vitally important to ensure you are choosing from the WP plugin directory and that your plugins are up-to-date to minimize the risk of malware.

Creators of quality plugins are updating them all the time to ensure there are no holes for any bugs to find their way into your website. When choosing a plugin check that it is being updated on a regular basis.


A few years ago Google decided to use https in part of its algorithm for ranking websites. This means you could have an advantage over a competitor’s website if you have https and they don’t. This is only a small difference but it could be the difference between and sale or not.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate

At the end of the day people trust a site with https over one without. That little green padlock can make your visitors feel secure and possibly give you and your business more credibility. This leads to more sales, sign ups and clicks.

The decision to have an SSL certificate is down to the owner of the website. If you don’t have any engagement with your visitors or your website is used for your personal blog then possibly you don’t need it. Personally, I feel that any type of security for my website is worth its weight in gold and I have SSL certificates on all my sites.

Wealthy Affiliate And SSL Certificates

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate I’m extremely lucky to have free SSL certificates with all my sites and it can be turned on with the touch of a button. I know my sites have the benefits of being secure, hosted professionally and looked after.

To learn more about SSL certificates click here


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