Don’t Ignore Yourself – D.I.Y

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Building an online business | 10 comments

Do you find yourself worrying about the welfare of all the special people in your life?

Are they happy?

Are they healthy?

Are they mixing with the ‘right’ crowd?

Are they getting enough exercise?

Are they fulfilling their dreams?

Are they reaching their potential?

It’s a constant battle within ourselves isn’t it?

The problem is, we forget to ask ourselves the same questions.  We spend so much time worrying about the emotional, physical and mental state of our loved ones we Look After Yourselfforget about ourselves.

My challenge to you, today is to answer these question in regard to yourself.

Be honest with yourself and if you wouldn’t be happy with the answer if it came from someone you loved then don’t accept this from yourself.

You are in control of yourself, no matter what you or anyone else tries to tell you.

How can you expect to give your best if you aren’t at your best?

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