Email Marketing, How Does It Work?

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Imagine you could reach your customers and potential customers directly? What if you could reach out, grab their attention, and pop up on their radar on a regular basis?

You can!

Email Marketing how does it workOne of the most effective ways to get in front of your customers and potential customers is through email marketing. But what is email marketing?

It is very simply, sending emails to a group of subscribers about you, your products, special offers, helpful information, blog post updates, and the like. The purpose of email marketing is to make sales and grow brand recognition.

There are almost 2.5 billion emails users worldwide. Who doesn’t have an email address?

And the great thing about email, is that most people check their email more than once a day. They check email in bed, watching television, waiting in line, at work, and anywhere they take their phones.

Email marketing gives you a direct line of communication to your subscribers that doesn’t require them coming to you. No more hoping customers stumble upon your website or your social media pages. Instead, your promotions pop into their email box. And, even if they don’t always open the emails, they are seeing your brand name.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to build brand loyalty and grow your business. For a relatively low investment, you can send emails through an email marketing service and get instant feedback about who is reading your email, how many people opened your email, where people clicked with they opened your email, and so much more. The analytics are astounding!

Grabbing attentionWhen you leverage the information you receive through analytics, you can then change subject lines to grab people’s attention, modify your content, and make any number of changes to your next email in order to get more engagement.

If you were to actually mail promotions through the postal service, you would invest more dollars and the frequency of mailings would be limited. Plus, you wouldn’t receive analytics to help improve in the future.

Getting Started

Effective email marketing can’t be done using your regular email client. Email clients (like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail) have limits on the number of people you can email at one time. Plus, a regular email client will not provide you with analytics.

To begin an email marketing program, sign up with an email marketing service. Most services allow offer a free plan. Each service is a little different, but anticipate paying more based on the number of subscribers on your list.

Some of the most well-known email marketing services include:

Best Practices of Email Marketing

While email marketing is fairly easy to set up, it can lose its effectiveness if you don’t use it correctly. It takes less than a second for someone to decide if they will invest time in your marketing email. It will take you far longer to create an email campaign that others consider worthwhile, but your investment can pay huge dividends.

Cultivate your own lists. This one is huge. It’s bad practice to buy lists. You will quickly discover your email campaigns are going to spam folders if people haven’t signed up to receive them. There are a variety of ways to grow your list, some of these ways include: Offering freebies if someone signs up for your email list, taking sign-up sheets with you to events, and promoting the sign-up form on your website.

Develop a consistent email design and stick with it. Branding and visuals are everything – even if your brand is minimalistic. A consistent design gives readers something they can count on. Part of your design must include a standard, recognizable header that includes your logo.

Use catchy subject lines. The subject line of an email is the number one determiner of email campaign opens. It will take time and watching analytics reports to learn what works for your brand and your subscribers. Start by keeping the subject line simple and grow from there!

Provide useful information on a regular basis. Just like you need to provide a blog with interesting information, your emails need to do the same thing. If your email campaigns don’t offer helpful information (sales promotions count – people love a good deal), subscribers will stop investing their time on future emails you send. They may even unsubscribe.

Always include a Call to Action. Tell your email readers what you want them to do and make it easy. Use photos, buttons, and links (more than once in each email) to drive traffic to your site or your promotion page.

I hope you’ve found this article useful.  If you have any questions about email marketing please drop me a line either in the comment box below or email at

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  1. Stella

    Hi Jackie, this is a well crafted post on email marketing explained in simple terms.

    I am also learning email marketing and the techniques involved. Please state more about it as it is not as simple as it seems.

    Could you also talk about how to craft email newsletters or opt-in forms so that subscription rates go up?


    • Jackie

      Hi Stella

      Keep a look out for future posts as these topics will be coming up.

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Todd

    This is a great well-written article about email marketing. You are correct in that it is essential for success to have a good email campaign. The trick is to know how many to send without sending too many that turn people off. This is useful information and I look forward to future posts on the subject.
    Take Care

    • Jackie

      Watch this space Todd, more email marketing articles to follow.

      Thanks for stopping by


  3. Dennis

    Hello Jackie,
    My biggest regret to date? I never utilized email marketing on my blog from the start. If I knew, my email list probably would be twice the size. My biggest problem in lead generation however is trying to embed optin forms on my images. Say when someone clicks on an image and an optin pops up. Is there a plugin you use for this or how do you do it?

    • Jackie

      Hello Dennis

      I use the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.  It is a premium theme but I love it.  It incorporates everything needed to develop a successful website including pop ups etc.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help but Divi is worth a look.


  4. Allen Willmann

    I especially like the advice about cultivating your own list.

    Building trust is what it’s all about. Your email opt-in list is a great way to reach out to visitors more than once and build your site and your brand. It’s also a great way to inform your subscribers about new blog posts, articles, etc.

    Thanks for the well-written article.

    • Jackie

      Hello Allen, thanks for your kind words.  I’m pleased you found this article useful.


  5. DorcasW

    Hi Jackie; I have read through your post. Email when read can really bring life to a ailing business as well as life to a dead business.

    There are people who might not get the chance to visit your website who may be able to read an email about your site and are drawn to your site thereby.

    Are you saying that the message in the email should be helpful as much as that in the site content?


    • Jackie

      Hi Dorcas

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I believe all your content whether on your website or email should be of the highest quality.  You are building relationships built on trust so ‘short changing’ your visitors will hinder your campaign.



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