So, you’ve decided to buy your first solo ad? Great!
But, now what?

First things first: Here’s how solo ads are priced:

You either:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Pay per open
  3. Pay per conversion/sale

This can happen in one of two ways.

How To Buy Solo AdsThe first way is fixed agreement. It’s great for a beginner because you get what you pay for – so to speak. You pay a specific amount to the list owner, who guarantees a specific number of clicks, opens, or conversions. Generally, the list owner resends the email to their list until the minimum number is reached.

The second way would be a performance-based agreement. This means that you make an agreement with the list owner and based on various factors you are paying on how well the email performs. This can be advantageous in various circumstances, but for the beginner – I advise sticking with a fixed agreement.

Another piece of advice: When you first start using a list owner, start low. Don’t pay a lot, but don’t expect huge results. Your aim is to get a feel for the list owner and see if you should use them again. You want to determine if the traffic they market to you is really the traffic you’ll see. Try working with the list owner on three to five projects before dropping any serious money.

Where do I find list owners? Again, you have another set of three options:

  1. Go to a directory of solo ad providers like Udimi.
  2. Find someone on a forum like Warrior Forum.
  3. Find someone yourself.

The first two ways are pretty self-explanatory. On directories, you’ll browse through various list owners. On forums, you may post a want ad, get suggestions, or see someone else’s ad for their email list. Forums tend to be more time-consuming, but both of these options are a great way to dip your toe in the water.

Finding someone yourself is a bit more difficult. It means doing some google searching and finding a person running a website similarly aligned to your own business. It doesn’t have to be the same business – but they must be related. When you visit the website, make sure they have an opt-in page or button. You’ll be wasting your time if the potential list owner doesn’t even have a list or isn’t trying to build one.How To Buy Solo Ads

The benefit to finding someone who isn’t actively selling solo ads is that they most-likely aren’t inundating their list with other people’s ads. Thus, their list is still pretty fresh and responsive. Responsive lists are better than massive lists any day. If someone has 8,000 people on their list, but the list is old and tired of getting emails, the response rate will be low. A list of 500 people with a high response rate can be far more effective to your efforts.

A Check List of Questions to Ask

Now that you found someone (or several someones) who you would like to work with, first, check around. Look at their social media accounts. Look at their websites. Google search their name and their list. Look on forums and ask around about them. See if the solo ad providers have a good reputation. If they don’t-steer clear!

Then, ask them some good questions!

  • Are your list subscribers from countries that are buying countries (think: America, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, etc.)
  • Can you offer segmenting? (Say your product is marketed to women, can they identify just the women on their list)
  • How many people are subscribed to your list?
  • How often do you send emails to your list?
  • What is your spam complaint rate? (Anything over 0.2% should be avoided)
  • What is the average rate of opened emails?
  • What is your lists’ click rate?
  • What is your list’s conversion rate?
  • How did you build your list? (You want to make sure they aren’t buying names or doing anything shady.)
  • What type of offers/emails perform the best on your list?
  • How do your process hard bounces? (If they answer that they either don’t track bounces or they remove them only after three hard bounces, move on)

I’ve written a post on how to find the best solo ad vendors. You can read it here.

If you’d like to complete some comprehensive training to learn the most successful ways to use solo ads, click the link below.

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How To Buy Solo Ads

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