How To Develop Online Content – Even If You Don’t Think You Can Write

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Whether you love writing or whether you hate it starting an online business means writing. You can’t get away from it really.

Just recently I discovered the speech recognition software on google drive. This is a free resource where you can speak into your microphone and your text appears on the screen, magic really!

I enjoy writing and considering the English language but that doesn’t always make it easy to be able to write content for my website so this article is all about learning how to develop online content even if you think you can’t write so let’s get going.

These points are in no particular order, as the popular reality TV shows are keen to say!

Unique ContentUnique

One of the most important things you need to do is create original content. For goodness sake don’t go copying someone else’s content from another website. This is a no-go. The last thing you want is for Google to shut you down or be the subject of a lawsuit. The content on your website has to be yours and yours alone, unless, of course you have guest bloggers. All the writing that you do must be original.

Interesting And Compelling Headlines

Another thing to consider are your headlines. Remember that people reading online don’t seem to have the same concentration span that they do reading a magazine or a book. It is essential to grab the attention of your reader quickly and do this with your headlines. Make sure they are funny or controversial or opinionated and make them stand out Use one of the headlining tabs either H2 or H3 (My headlines are always in H3) . The H1 headlines may be too big. I also find that writing the headlines and the sub-headlines before writing the content makes it much easier to write. Once you have the skeleton in place the rest comes much easier to write.

First Things First

Put your most important information first. Remember, the concentration span of most readers is seconds not minutes so if you can get your point across in the first few paragraphs you’ll have more chance of keeping your visitors. If you are writing a long post try to entice your reader to stay on the page by letting them know what they can find out later in the article. Let them know that something special is coming lower down the page or tell them you have something crucial to tell them. In short, keep them interested.

Actionable PostsProblem Solving

Make sure that your readers have got something to do within your post. Ensure you are telling them what their next step is or where to go next. Have internal links that guide them to other relevant areas of your site. Have external links so they can find out more.

Problem Solving

Much of your writing is going to be helping your readers to solve issues and problems. They are coming to you because they want answers so make sure you give them those answers. Make sure that your answers are in as much detail as possible. It’s quite tempting to think that you don’t want to give away all your secrets but you’re trying to build up a relationship of trust with the visitors to your website. Don’t hold back help them as much as you can.

Citing And Sources

If you’re going to be citing figures, dates, authors etc make sure that your source of information is correct. If you write something down make sure you can cite that information correctly and accurately. The best way here is to only write down what your are absolutely 100% sure about.

Make Them Gossip

Give your readers something to think about, something that they can go away and discuss with their friends and colleagues. What could be better than your post becoming the ‘talk of the town’. Your content should make your visitors want to come back because you’ve provided them with some thought-provoking content.

Hey Good-Looking

Visually your content should look enticing. It’s been proven that the easiest way to read online is with a black text on a white background, like the one you’re reading here.

Don’t cram all your text together and make sure you’ve got lots of white spaces with short succinct paragraphs. It’s quite daunting to see a whole block of text on the screen and I for one can’t read it and I’m a reader!Text

Along with the white spaces, break up your text with relevant images. If you can use your own photographs that’s ideal but there’s plenty of places where you can buy images or create your own with a program such as Canva. I’m always a bit dubious about recommending image sites such as pixabay. I’m sure they’re fine but I personally am a bit wary about using them. I’m lucky enough to have tens of thousands of images available because I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and this is a new service that they’ve just provided so I no longer have to scour the internet looking for images. They are all they’re at my fingertips. if you’d like to learn more this please click the link here.


Don’t think that once your article has been written you never have to look at it again. Think of all your articles, in fact everything you put onto your website as an ongoing project. Revisit them regularly, update, add or even take away content that is no longer relevant. Keep your content fresh as a daisy.


To summarize, writing for the internet needn’t be difficult but if you’re really stuck use some speech recognition of software to help you get over that barrier of putting pen to paper or text to screenGoogle

Remember the concentration span of your readers, grab their attention and don’t make them work too hard. Create lots of white space, lovely clear images and interesting unique content.

I hope you have learnt something about how to develop online content. I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of practice but you’ll get there and remember if I can help in any way drop me a line in the comment box below or at


  1. Paul

    Great post, Jackie.
    One of the great challenges for today’s writer is to grab your reader’s attention.
    I love your tips and I find the “voice option” a great way to get out of “writer’s block”.
    Which one of these suggestions do you find the easiest to implement?
    Which one do you find the hardest?
    When you provide links, do you provide them early or later in the post?
    With short attention spans, this can be a tricky proposition.
    What is the single most important method of capturing your reader’s attention?

    • Jackie

      Hi Paul

      Thanks for the comment and the questions.

      I don’t really have an ‘easiest or hardest to implement’ suggestion.  I think all these points need to be addressed when writing.

      I provide links within a post only when they seem relevant.  It would seem a bit ‘pushy’ to put an irrelevant link into a post.

      As the first few seconds are crucial when it comes to capturing your readers’ attention I would imagine the headline to be the most important method but if your content is boring it doesn’t really matter how wonderful the headline is!

      Thanks again


  2. Gary

    Great tips for developing online content. I thought I was the only one who thought the H1 headline was too big. It’s like it shouts.

    I find I have to sneak up on a writing project. Hemingway called it his pencil sharpening time. I just pace, but really what is happening is I’m turning off my brain. I think too much and it psyches me out if I let it.

    After I’ve done a bit of pacing, I tell myself to just start and that usually does the trick.

    • Jackie

      Hello Gary

      Your comment made me smile.  

      Have you tried the speech to text software available.  I’ve just found the free version on Google Drive and it makes life so much easier when it comes to getting your thoughts down on ‘paper’.

      Thanks for stopping by


  3. Paul

    Hi Jackie,
    This is a great article for so many reasons, I started reading and was immediately captivated and reminded of the little things that are the big things when it comes to any type of writing. The two main things that stood out for me was that you mentioned proples concentration time span and importance of creating compelling beginnings and the idea to keep them interest during longer posts was to offer them some solutions further into the post. Great idea to have them read your whole post.
    Thanks again for the reminders and I’m putting them t practice immediately

    • Jackie

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.  I’m pleased you found the article interesting.


  4. Levon Tan

    You make excellent points in creating online content. One of blogger’s main concern for their website usually boils down to making unique content and getting visitors to stay. I also like your point in revisiting your old posts, as over time the information on your old posts can become outdated. Or you have a new internal link that can be related.

    • Jackie

      This is so true, Levan.

      Your website should be constantly being up-dated to keep it fresh.



  5. RichPersonality

    Yeah, it’s really not that difficult to actually write content for your website. I mean, most people are just afraid to do it and that’s why they fail at it. It’s not rocket science or anything like that. You just help someone solve a problem and that’s it. Plus, it might not be very easy at the beginning, but with practice you can literally become good at anything, and the same goes for writing. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

    • Jackie

      Hello, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. ‘The more you do it, the better you become at it

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.



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