How To Earn An Extra Income From Home

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I know you follow my blog because you want to grow your business, succeed in your business, and make a solid income from home. I want that for you too!

But I have to be honest with you, building a solid income while working from home is a lot like trying to lose weight: It is going to take time. Sure, you can use a fad diet to take drastic measures, but most likely the weight loss won’t stick, especially if you don’t incorporate exercise and do some heavy lifting.

If you jump on the latest trend, it could fizzle fast. You could rake in some money at first and then your income stream will Shiny object syndromedry up. That is not what I want for you. I want you to have a solid revenue stream and find long-term success.

I’ve talked extensively about building your business slowly, and I’m not going to stop talking about it. Start small, keep your current day job, and scale up as you are able. This will allow you to test the waters and see what business ventures will be viable.

Do you know what else you should be doing to earn a good income from home? Diversifying your revenue stream.

Diversifying means finding different sources of income. This could be entirely around one business idea or it could mean having several businesses.

Diversifying around one business idea could look something like this:

Let’s say you are an extremely talented baker and want to build a baking business. Ways to obtain revenue from several sources could include:

  • Starting a baking blog and promoting affiliate links for the products you love
  • Writing a book about baking or putting together a recipe book to sell
  • Selling your baking treats locally
  • Offering both in-person and web-based baking classesHome based business
  • Selling ad space on your baking blog
  • Offer a members-only recipe archive
  • Developing a YouTube channel

Then, of course, you can start several businesses. The Green Brothers, John and Hank Green are great examples of this model. John Green is a well-known young adult author who has had two films come out based on his books: The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Over the years, the brothers have individually and together started several YouTube Channels. They also started an online store for YouTubers to sell merchandise.

You may also consider exactly how you want to earn money from working at home. Starting your own business isn’t the only option. We have of course talked about at-home franchises, which is one option. You may also consider working remotely.

If you are interested in working remotely, you may check with your current employer to see if they have options for at-home work. If they don’t offer anything like this, there are a host of websites that advertise remote jobs. If you keep an eye out, Amazon and Apple both offer at-home customer services jobs.

Be aware, scammers love to offer fake jobs and evaporate. Legitimate employers won’t require you to pay a fee for more information and they won’t send you junk emails about at-home jobs.

You could also take up several small at-home jobs that would offer you a steady income. This would be similar to starting and developing several business models as a diversification model. Some of these types of opportunities include:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Taking surveys online
  • Working as a virtual assistant
  • Using a freelance website like Fiverr
  • Tutoring (at home or online)
  • Selling your old items and books on Ebay/Amazon
  • Offering music lessons
  • Pet sitting
  • Party Planning

As you explore these options, I wish you luck and great success!

If you would like to learn how to create a successful business online then I suggest you click the link below and start your education.

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  1. Derek Marshall

    Great article,

    I am stunned everyday at the sheer number of “digital jobs” available these days, be they self employed or running one’s own business or working for someone else or freelancing.

    Freelancing, this in itself is a whole category from photo editing and processing to social media management to customer service to writing to graphic design to even running PPC campaigns from others..almost unlimited!

    I believe fully that everyone has a viable skill in which they could use and earn from in the new digital economy, including data entry.

    • Jackie

      Absolutely Derek.  It’s definitely the way forward.

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Mubs

    Nice info

    I’m currently testing out the waters and am starting to see some results from my website but also from my youtube channel in the form of views and consistent subscribers. My only problem is that there is not enough revenue coming in and i am thinking of quitting my job and going all in on this.

    I have quite a bit of savings on hand and can get by for 3-6 months. Do you think i should go ahead or just wait until i start seeing consistent sales before going full time with this?

    • Jackie

      Hello and thanks for visiting.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t quit your job quite yet.  Wait until you can see some regular income.  It would be so sad if you used your savings and still weren’t making enough per month.

      Good luck


  3. Dave

    Hey there,

    I was told by someone who claims to be making good money online that it is very easy and fast to rake in monthly commissions with a website.

    But going by the way you have explained things here, I have come to realize the guy was just taking me for a fool.

    It only makes sense that you need to time and effort to grow a business just like the offline world. I will follow your steps instead. Thanks a lot for the honesty.

    • Jackie

      Hello Dave

      Yes, it’s sad that there are still scammers (and lots of them) who will be happy to take your money with claims you’ll be a millionaire by next Thursday.

      Like every other business, an online business takes, time, persistence and hard work.

      Good luck with your ventures


  4. Matteo

    Dear Jackie,

    I love the analogy about making money online being the same as trying to lose weight!

    I recently started online marketing and my first thoughts were also just going for the easy money.. But I noticed something interesting along the way:

    I actually started spending more time on building my online business every day than I used to with my day-job!

    I also love that you mention Fiverr as a freelance opportunity on the side. This is exactly how I started out and it actually gives you that little extra security of income, so you can spend a little more time on fixing your website/online business.

    Very Insightful, will be back for more info !!

    All the best,

    • Jackie

      Hello Matteo

      What a lovely comment.

      It sounds as if you are growing a successful internet business so well done.

      Thanks for stopping by



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