How To Find Niche Products To Sell Online

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You’ve started your blog and are regularly churning out posts. Your audience is slowly building. But now you want to get into the affiliate marketing game. After all, you got into this blogging business to make money!  This post is about learning how to find niche products to sell on your website.

So, what products should you promote?
Niche Products.

What do I mean by niche products?

These are unique products. They have a specific segment of people interested in the item. For example, most parents will buy toys, but some parents are more specific in their tastes.

A niche market within the umbrella of “toys” is wooden toys, as they offer an alternative to plastic.

For more information about ‘niche markets’ click on this link : Niche Market Training

Where can you find niche products to sell?

First and foremost, think about the topic your blog covers. For instance, if you are a runner and your blog is about running :–

What are the products you love and use?

What are you constantly telling your friends they should try?

What is a product you can’t live without?

Do you have something your friends are always asking you about?

Answers to these questions are a great place to start. You already have experience with the product and can give it your seal of approval. This makes for an easy product review.

But, do your research. Just because it’s a phenomenal product doesn’t mean they offer a program. Also, look at the actual demand for the product. If the demand is minuscule – don’t waste your time.

Another possibility is thinking about where your competencies lie. Returning to our running blog: If you have technical understanding of the way running shoes are built and how they should work, running shoes might be a product to promote. Your expertise and experience lends you credibility, especially if you write product reviews.

Amazon is a great place when you are starting out with affiliate marketing.  Read about the benefits of becoming an Amazon Associate here.

Still seeking out niche products to promote?Hiding bulldog

Ask yourself, what are real, actual problems your audience needs solved? We call these “pain points.”

These are the little annoyances easily solved with the right product.

Find and promote products that fix pain points!

What else?

Accessorize! Runners use all kinds of accessories (and they are hobbyists, so they’ll likely dump a lot of money into their passion). A runner’s accessories could be: shoelaces, hats, clothing, watches, powder, detergent for stinky clothes, . . . the list goes on and on.

And finally, answer this question, in relation to your blog’s topic: What can people not find at their local big box or hardware stores? If they can’t find these products locally, they buy them online. Sure, a local sporting goods store sells running products, but they miss smaller distributors. There are some great sports clothing brands, with quality products, that aren’t mainstream.

Another place to help get you thinking about unique products, not sold at the local big box: Etsy. Take a look and give your brain a creative surge!


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