How To Get Images For Your Website

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Your posts and pages will need images.  These help break up the text, add interest and make it easier on the eye.

So, where do you get images for your website and is there anything else you need to know?

There are two basic types of images you can use for your blog posts.

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Whichever route you decide to go check on, understand, and comply with copyright uses.

Even if you find a stock photo for free, there may be attributions you need to make or a limit on the photo’s use.

Read up and comply.

There are endless sites for finding free images. But before you start clicking around:Cheerleaders

Have you considered taking and using your own photos?

Now days, cell phones allow you to always carry a camera in your pocket, so use it.

By using your own photos, you don’t have to worry about seeing the same image on another blog, complying with copyright uses, or paying anyone. Plus, there are a variety of editing tools with quick filters and fixes you can apply to the photographs.

Now, taking your own photographs may not be the right move. Maybe it’s too time-consuming and you need to focus on other areas. Maybe you just can’t take a decent photograph. If that is the case, check out some of these free image sites. And remember: be sure to understand how to comply with copyright and attribution for each photo.

Sites for Finding Free Images

Flickr – While Flickr is a photo-sharing site, you can also modify search results to find creative commons and copyright free photos.

Wikimedia Commons






For a more extensive list, the Snappa Blog has a list of 21 free stock photo sites with descriptions.

Before going along and downloading loads of images from these sites I want to give you a word of warning.Copyright symbol


Although I’m sure most of the images on these sites are fine to use there are, sadly, some individuals who will always flout the law.  Many of these sites offering free images do not have the time or resources to check that the images belong to the person uploading them.

Who is to say that someone found a lovely image on a site, copied it and then uploaded it to a free image site ( I don’t know why anyone would feel it necessary to do this but it does happen!!).  If you use the image on your site and are found out, believe me, it will be you who suffers the consquences.

In my humble opinion it is much better to either use your own images or pay for them so you don’t have to be worried about copyright laws.

  • Paid Options

There are a variety of sites where you can go and purchase stock images. Your best bet is to go and look around. Each site comes with different costs and packages. Even though you are buying the images, you still need to understand how to use them.

A good site for paid images will offer a

Adobe Stock – This site also has the option of signing up for monthly plans. Plans might be a good option if you need a great deal of photos.

iStock – This site also offers monthly plans.

Shutterstock – Buy bundles of a quantity of photos to download and the download option last for a specified period of time (often a year).

BigStock – Big Stock is by Shutterstock so the way you purchase photos is similar.

Getty Images – These images can get pricey, but there are options for purchase based on how you intend to use the photo.

Stock Unlimited – I use this site and paid $69 for unlimited vectors and photos for 365 days.  These seemed a good price and I’ve been pleased with the images.

123RF – I use this site if I can’t find what I want on Stock Unlimited.  Although slightly more expensive to use I have always found what I wanted.

Copyright is a confusing and complicated issue and you don’t want to fall foul of it.

Whatever site you use I strongly suggest you read the terms and conditions to keep you and your business safe.


  1. Craig

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for this comprehensive list of image sites. I use Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons quite a lot but I’m looking to expand a bit.

    I haven’t heard of a lot of these sites that you mention so this is great and gives me more to explore.

    Is it worth paying for images with a membership? To be honest, I write a lot of reviews for Android TV boxes but I doubt these would be on any image site. What do you think?

    • Jackie

      Hello Craig

      In my opinion it is much safer to use paid images whether on a membership site or on an ad hoc basis.

      So many people have had issues with free images so I keep away from them now.

      If you have the permission from your affiiate program to use the images then these, obviously, are the best to use and it would save you the cost of paying for images.

      I’m pleased you found the post helpful

      Good luck



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