How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast – Seven Tried And True Tricks

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Without traffic you may as well write your post and hide it under the mattress!!  Once your website is set up and running you’ll realise that the easy bit is over and now the ‘work’ begins.  Getting visitors to your site is where many of us hit a stumbling block and give up but there are simple ways of growing traffic that will make life easier.

So, in post we shall be learning how to increase blog traffic fast with these seven tried and true tricks.

The Little Things

Make sure you don’t have your blog set to private.
Sometimes the smallest things can snag us up, especially when we are spending late-night or wee-morning hours working on our blogs. If your blog isn’t public, the public won’t visit!

This is easy to rectify.

The screenshot below shows how to change the post to public, password protected or private.

This box is on the right of your post editor screen.

Click on the ‘edit’ button next to ‘visibility’ and choose the type of visibility you want – ‘public’ is the one if you want to give your post a chance of getting ranked in the search engines.

A Solid Foundation

The foundation for your blog is your content.

Without a strong foundation, no matter what you try in an attempt to increase traffic, it won’t work.

Ensure your blog covers relevant topics and that it is well-written.  Map out your topics, invest in your writing, use videos and images to enhance your blog, and post on a regular basis.

This is all part of a well-rounded content strategy.

As a side note, relevant content also means updating your posts.

If your content stands up to the test of time, even old posts will continue generating traffic to your site.

Blogging about this week’s top movies will not be as relevant in two weeks, let alone two years.

A blog about the top sports movies of all time will hold up over the course of several years. Plus, if a fantastic sports movie comes out, you can update the original post and repost it!

Hook ‘Em with a HeadlineHook

Your headline will be the most read part of your blog. People will see your headline and either read your post or skip it.

Either way, they’ve read your headline. There are a variety of ways to create a strong, share-worthy headline, but don’t just stick to a formula. Experiment with your headlines.

Try using different versions of your headline in social media and see what is driving the most traffic to your post.

Change your headline if something seems to be attracting more readers

Promote Yourself

Share your recent blog posts in a monthly or weekly newsletter.

Share your posts on social media. Share your blog in the signature of your email.

Share your blog address on your various social media profiles.

Share. Share. Share.

And share more than once. Create a schedule for your social media promotion. Tweeting about your latest blog post only once guarantees its won’t be seen after five minutes. Tweeting about your blog post several times throughout the day and the next few weeks will get it in front of more people.

But – target where you share. Go where your readers hang out. If you are at the beach and trying to catch turkeys, you are in the wrong place. Figure out the demographics of your blog readership or potential readership and target where they hang out. Spend time promoting on those places. If your blog is about geek culture, chances are Reddit is the right place to go. If your blog is about interior decorating, Pinterest is a good place to promote.


You aren’t the only person blogging about your subject matter. Find other bloggers talking about the same topic. Help each other. Comment on one another’s blogs. Guest blog and invite others to guest blog for you.

Set up a google news alert about your current blog posts. If you see a news story, blog, or comment thread pop up about your topic, go visit the site. Engage in conversation. If it seems relevant, share your blog post about the topic. When you engage in this manner, make sure your interaction is authentic. People can see through a self-promoter who holds no real interest in the conversation.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means investigating and using keywords that are relevant to your blog. Place these keywords in your post’s metadata and image descriptions. Use keywords in your post’s unique URL.

For WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO to easily accomplish upping your SEO game. Yoast SEO even has a guide for using SEO

Long-tail keywords are also very important to increasing traffic to your blog. Long-tail keywords make your blog post more specific. Big, general keywords make it harder for you to be listed in the top ten or even twenty of search engine results, but more specific searches are easier to get higher rankings. 

Researching long-tail keywords is going to give you the most bang for your buck in crafting headlines. It is time well-spent!

SEO also involves linking to other websites. This gives your blog legitimacy and connects you to the rest of the internet. Links mean you aren’t out there on your own, but you are relevant to a topic being discussed across the internet. Make sure you are linking to reputable blogs and sources.

Above all, use keywords and long-tail keywords to inform your writing, but never to define it. Search engines are more sophisticated. Search engines and people will both quickly spot your cheap tricks if you cram your blog full of keywords, but offer no relevant content.  


Don’t be afraid to investigate inexpensive advertising options, such as Facebook. A little money can go a long way, especially when you can target your advertising. The goal of advertising is to hook people so they keep coming back and will promote you of their own choosing!


Without traffic to your website you will struggle to find success as an internet marketer.

These seven steps should give you a good basis on which to increase blog traffic fast.

This isn’t something that will happen overnight but keep going and it will work.

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