How To Make Money On A Blog – Diversify

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In my last blog post I covered 3 strategies to help you make money on a blog. One strategy I suggested was to diversify your income stream.

If you plan to diversify your income stream, there are a variety of options.

Here is a starter list:


Like a newspaper or magazine sells ads, you too can sell ad space (using something like Google AdSense).

        A word of warning:  Your readers return to your blog because they know and trust you, thereby, they will trust the products you promote. If you are selling ad space, you may not be able to give your seal of approval to every product.

How can you still generate income and take advantage of ad space?

Promote your own products!

It may very well help boost your sales. With that said, if there is a product you know, love, and trust, consider contacting them directly and offering space.

Affiliate income

I’ve talked in-depth about affiliate marketing – so I encourage you to check out my previous posts on the subject. Click the links below to read more about affiliate marketing

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How To Make Money On A BlogEvents

Host a group meet-up or a discussion panel.

If you’ve developed a sense of community, chances are your readers might want to get together. You can even use these opportunities to get sponsors for your event.

If you have readers that want to attend, but can’t, you could capitalize on technology and charge to live-stream the event.

If you are a smaller blog but want to grow, don’t count out hosting webinars!


This option is full of opportunities.

Maybe you sell T-shirts and coffee mugs with your logo. But you could also sell books and e-books.

Get creative and see what your readers want!

Bonus, you could host an online contest and allow your readers to submit their ideas for logos and merchandise.


Offer your readers a subscription to your blog with premium content or a private community area.

Subscriptions are a great opportunity for steady income because many subscriptions renew each month.

AppsHow To Make Money On A Blog

Phone and smart-tablet apps are all the rage.

If you can develop an app that is useful to your clients, you might tap into another source of revenue.

You could offer a free app with in-app purchases or offer an app with a one-time fee.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to be pushing out updates as technology changes. But first, you need to develop the app!


Some blogs easily lend themselves to providing services to your clients.

Services like coaching, training, editing, and consulting are all options.

Maybe you can host an online or on-site class. Get creative!

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