How To Narrow Down Your Niche

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It is easy to think that when starting an online business you must target as many people as possible no matter what their interests, age, sex, income or problems.

Deciding on a niche is difficult enough for some people but then you are told your niche too broad! This article deals with how to narrow down your niche so you will create a targeted and successful website.

niche market What Is A Niche?

A niche is a group of people. Or, a group of people who fit into a particular category such as weight loss, fitness, sewing, shopping, car maintenance etc.

When you are starting to build your online business you niche will determine the topic of your website.

Choosing Your Niche

Some of us know exactly what our niche will be. If you are an experienced netball player then ‘netball’ could be the subject of your niche. If you love teaching people to paint this could be your niche.

Your niche needs to be something you are passionate about, enjoying doing, are skilled at or even despise. As your website will need good quality content you’ll be writing in detail about your niche and nothing could be worse than having to write about something that means absolutely nothing to you. In the end you’ll run out of steam and your website (and your business) will fall by the wayside.

Why Narrow Down Your Niche

There is a tendency to think you need to target as many people as possible so they can see your website and buy your products and services. It is common to feel this way but targeting the ‘world’ isn’t go to work and will certainly add to your workload and stress level.

Consider an evening class of people wanting to learn how to sew a quilt. The age range is from 14 to 91, there is a mixture of males and females. Some of the class have already been to three of your lectures and have completed two quilts whilst some have never used a sewing machine and the rest are there because the ‘French Conversation’ class was full! How are you going to pitch your lesson? It’s a near impossibility to be able to give all the students the information they need. For some the information will be too simplistic and some will find it too hard to understand. The rest will be playing on their phone as they’d prefer to be in the French class!

This is a similar scenario to writing on your website. You can’t please all the visitors all of the time if you are trying to spread yourself too thin.

In the evening class, it would be much better to narrow down your audience so they all benefit from the class (apart from the ‘french’ lot, of course!) Your lesson could be aimed at students who have made a simple quilt in the previous class but now would like to learn some more advanced techniques. This makes delivery of the lesson much easier and more relevant to the students.

This is the same concept for narrowing down your niche.

How to Narrow Down Your Niche

Let’s use the subject of weight loss for our niche and go through the procedure for narrowing it down so it can become very targeted and relevant to your audience. If you do a Google search for ‘weight loss’ you get this result.

22,400,000 is a ridiculous amount of competition so it is necessary to reduce this number and this is done by narrowing the niche. If you read this yesterday’s post you’ll remember be mentioning Google Instant as a way to find keywords. The same resource can be used to narrow down your niche. In the image below you’ll see I added the word ‘for’ to my search and Google came up with same alternative niches for me to investigate.Google search

If I enter ‘weight loss for kids’ this is the resultGoogle search

As you can see the number of results has nearly halved but it is still a huge number so we need to see what we can do to narrow the niche even more.

Google search


Can you see by adding the word ‘easy’ to my niche I’ve managed to decrease the results to half again. Using ‘safe weight loss for kids’ reduced the results by another 2 million.

Google search

This is the technique you can use to narrow your niche and become an expert within your field.

I hope you can see how much easier it would be to write content targeted to parents who want to help their children lose weight safely than to anyone wanting to lose weight.

You can find some more training on narrowing your niche here.

I hope you have found this article helpful for learning how to narrow down your niche and remember I’m here if you need any help in creating or running your online business.



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