How To Promote Your Blog Post – The Initial Steps

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You took first step, you posted on your blog. The work isn’t over! There are three items you need to do to add to the success of your post.

This post is the first in a series on how to promote your blog post successfully.


Review and reread your post. This means looking at several items:

  • Formatting: Does everything look right on your blog? Are graphics loading correctly? Is the content formatted in an easy to read way? If not, go make some tweaks and repost.
  • Links: Do all the website links in your blog go where they are supposed to go? It is also good to double check the links you share on social media site. Do they link to back to your blog post? If not, fix the links.
  • Mistakes: Maybe you’ll see something you missed before in your editing!
  • Previous Blog Posts: Are there older blog posts that cover a similar topic or that would expand on what you shared? Drop those links into your current post. It will give readers an opportunity to read more in-depth on YOUR blog, without having to do any work. Also, don’t be afraid to update older blog posts with a link to your current post.   


You are most likely a one-person operation, so that means, you need to promote yourself. You are your own marketing department. You can market yourself in several ways:

  • Shorten urls. If you use a website like While these sites don’t share your post, they do make it easier to track clicks and shares of your blogpost. This will give you a quick feel for what is working and what isn’t.  
  • Social Media: This is one of your best venues to share your post, but you need to create a schedule for sharing. Here is a suggest social media share schedule:
    Twitter Day of Post Publish: post three times a day at least 2 hours apart

    1 Week Later: Repost blog post

    1 Month Later: Repost blog post

    2 Months Later: Repost blog post

    Facebook Day of Post Publish: Post once

    1 Month Later: Repost blog post

    2 Months Later: Repost blog post

    Pinterest Day of Post Publish: Share the image on your blog

    Throughout next month: See if there are any public boards where  you can share your blog image.

    2 Months Later: Repost your blog image

    You’ll also want to optimize the images on your blog for Pinterest shares. This makes it easier for your fans to promote your post for you. Then, take that same image and optimize it for the other social media forums you use. A tool to easily get this done is Canva.

    • Email Newsletter: Do you have an email newsletter for your fans? If you don’t, start today and provide a place for fans to sign up on every page of your site. This is one of the most effective self-promotion tools you can use. These people have signed up to receive your newsletters, so they want to engage with your content. Send out a monthly newsletter with teasers and links to each of your blog posts the previous month.
    • Personal Emails: Is there someone you know who would really appreciate your post or find it helpful? Send a personal email to let them know about your post.
    • Connect: Did you share website links or another person’s blog post on your blog? Send them an email to let them know about your post and that you linked to their site. Other bloggers will appreciate the heads up and your thoughtfulness will be flattering.


There are several areas you should be monitoring after you post to your blog.

  • Comments: Watch your comment thread and respond to the comments. I’ve talked about this before. This builds community and a loyal fan base.
  • Hashtags and Google Alerts: Create a google email alert on your topic and watch hashtags about the topic of your post. Then, when you see people talking about the topic you covered, interact with them and share your post.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a powerful tool. You can use it to monitor the success of your individual posts and where your get your traffic—and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the next post I shall be going through a step by step process on what to do just before and just after publishing your post.

Watch this space.


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