How To Repurpose Blog Content

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Make Your Content Go Farther

If you are anything like me, some days it feels daunting to develop new ideas. They just won’t come to me, no matter how hard I try.

On those days, its especially nice to already have content I created because: You can reuse it.

I’m not talking about posting an old blog post as a new one, but I am talking about generating new media that will drive new traffic to your website.

So, how do you do it? Let’s start with the easy stuff.

Social MediaSocial media

  1. Review old posts. Are there quotes you could pull for Tweets? Find them and tweet them with a link to your original content.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words – so – are there graphics that could come from your post or a photo you could add with a quote. Is anything able to become a meme? Post your images with links to your original content.

PRO TIP: Each social media channel has their own unique images sizes for that display best on their feeds. Using a tool like Canva makes resizing easy!

PRO TIP: If you end up developing an infographic, make sure you also share your infographic across infographic sharing sites like Infographic Bee or Daily Infographic. And don’t forget to post it as a new blog post on your own site (with a link to the original post)!


While I just touched on images with social media, also consider developing your own photographs. For instance, if you are a website blogging about the latest beauty products and you have a post about make-up application brushes, take an on-brand and interesting photographs of several make-up brushes. You can promote your photographs and flickr, Pinterest, or Instagram.

For a better idea of what I mean, check out how Myka Meier promotes herself on Instagram.

Your Blog

Review old posts. Are there any new developments in your field that should be updated within a post? Do you have new information? Did you create a video on the subject? If this is the case, it is perfectly acceptable to edit your original post and post it a new.

PRO TIP: Put in an editor’s note indicating you have updated your original post and the reason for the update. When you tell people you did this, you create trust with the community you’ve developed. You show yourself to be a person who keeps up with the latest trends. Your readers will see you as a savvy and credible source of information.

Slide Shows

Take an old post and tell a story with your it using slides. It’s like giving a PowerPoint presentation, but you aren’t running it. Viewers can come and see your slideshow at their pleasure. You can post your slide show on your site, but also across social media, and on sites like Prezi, Visme or Slideshare.

Books and MagazinesRepurposing your content

Now days, it is super easy to create an eBook. If you have a series of blog posts about a topic or discover you have twenty random blog posts about the same topic, you could turn it into a book. Your book could become the freebie you use to capture people’s email addresses, or you can sell it on Amazon.

If you also have great images and graphics, plus content, consider creating a digital magazine. Magazines can be shared on digital magazine sites like Issuu.


Are you sending out email updates to your mailing list? If not, reusing and promoting old blog posts is a great place to start. You can also promote new content on a weekly or monthly basis. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business!

Syndicated Content

LinkedIn and Medium are both sites that syndicate content. Meaning, if you publish on their blog tools – they will promote it for their own site. This is a great opportunity to tweak your posts a bit and get more exposure!


You can host a YouTube channel. Then, you can repost those videos to your website (and across social media). It will take at least a computer with a microphone and a camera and a little know-how (or the willingness to learn). People love videos, so this is a great way to go!


Just as much as people love watching videos, they also love to listen to great content. It could be interviews or expert (you) talking about a topic. When you provide audio content, such as a podcast, you allow people to get away from their computers and consume what you created while they are driving, walking, or exercising! For a podcast, you’ll need a decent microphone and a quiet environment to record your podcast. You can post podcasts on iTunes or other services like SoundCloud.

So, get cracking! Go back through old blog posts, see if there are high performing ones that you know will play well. You can also recycle posts that you loved, but didn’t seem to get much traction the first go around. Maybe with a different medium (like a video or infographic), they will be more highly received.

For a great video on how to repurpose your content, click this link

When you re purpose your content, you are taking something that is already great and distributing across a wider network, thereby, getting more people to see it!


  1. Cathy

    Wow. that’s a lot of ideas to repurpose one’s content! It’s already quite a handful doing social media alone, what’s more, doing the others.

    But you pointed out something I’ve not heard off which is Slideshare. I always thought that presentation is for something formal or for the professionals. I didn’t know it could work for blogging too. That’s something worth checking out. Thanks for the tips.

    • Jackie

      Hi Cathy

      I’m so pleased you’ve found this article useful.  I think presentations are great fun to create.

      I hope you enjoy them.


  2. Daniel

    Hi Jackie,
    These ideas are amazing. I’ve learned repurposing old contents for additional traffic, but I don’t know there are so many ways to do that.
    I’ve been trying to drive more traffic with social media, and it works really well. In fact, most of my traffics are not from organic search but those social platforms.

    • Jackie

      Hello Daniel

      I pleased you’re having some success with social media.  It doesn’t really matter how you manage to drive traffic does it? As long as you get some!


  3. Furkan

    I think that this should be everyone’s focus. Also tweeting is a really good idea however I have a question. I know I should use also hashtaghs but I really can’t seem to find good ones. You know the ones people are searching for. Can you point me some directions?

    • Jackie


      To be honest I’m not a big Twitter user.  I tried it and may go back one day but it wasn’t working for me.  I had a look on Google and found this article which may help


  4. Netta

    Hey Jackie:

    This post is bursting with ways to reuse and repurpose old posts and I’m bookmarking it as a resource for sure!

    I do thank you for the round-up. It gets me to thinking about how I can expand the usefulness of the work I’ve already done and getting other eyes to look at the things.

    I am seeing my old posts with new eyes as a result.

    • Jackie

      Hey Netta

      I’m so pleased you found this post useful.  

      Good luck with your repurposing.


  5. Dave

    Hallo there Jackie,

    Thanks a lot for the tips here. Most importantly, thanks for the tip on taking your own photos, I never thought of this.

    The website I am working on can use many photos I can take of the products I use. I was also wondering if you know how I can sell these photos to sites like shutter stock and the rest. Thanks.

    • Jackie

      Hi Dave and thank you for visiting.

      I’m sorry to say that selling photos isn’t something I’ve ever done.  I would imagine places like Shutterstock have a guide for this though.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

      I wish you every success with your ventures



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