How To Write A Post – 5 Simple Strategies

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In order to create a blog post your readers will love, here are five simple strategies you need to deploy on how to write a post in order to keep your fans hooked.

Don’t Bury the Lead

Have you heard this saying before? It’s a term journalism students learn. It means, tell us what you are going to tell us at the outset of your article.

The vast majority of people scan when they read. They aren’t giving focused attention to every word you write.
One way to ensure you’ve not buried the lead is to ask if you’ve answered these questions in your opening paragraph:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. Why?

Additionally, make sure the opening sentence for each of your paragraphs gives the most important information.

When folks skim, their eyes are drawn to those first sentences. Help your readers know what you want to tell them so they stay engaged with your blog post.

Making lists also helps your readers. This blog post is a perfect example. Skim below – Isn’t it easier to read the first sentence of each of these five strategies?

Give Great Visuals At the spa

If you want your readers to stay, help them by breaking up your content with photographs, infographs, drawings, art, or pictures.

Great visuals also mean your content is more easily shared across social media.

An engaging image means people will click on a Facebook post about your blog that one of your fans shared.

Punctuation Marks

I know I’ve talked about editing in previous blog posts, but I can’t overstate the importance of editing your work.

It’s just like if you are listening to someone speak and they phrase a point in a strange way or use the wrong word. Do you focus more on the point of their story or are you thinking about their odd phrasing? Their phrasing, right?

By the time you have moved on, the story is over and you’ve missed the point. The same applies when you write. Readers will get distracted by poor grammar and move on to the next website.

Write your blog post, set it aside for the next day, and edit it. Use editing tools in your word processing software such as Grammarly, or the Hemingway App  These are both free resources. 

For more free resources why not check out my free book………..

Engage your AudienceEngage

Ask questions of your readers and invite them to give feedback in the comments section of your blog.

You’ve disabled your comments sections? Turn it back on!

Having conversation with and among the community you create on your blog creates loyal readers.

Hook Them with Your HeadlineLure them in

Spend time crafting an engaging, click-worthy headline.

I’m not advocating the use of click-bait and sensational headlines, but I am saying a headline is what drives people to read your work.

To avoid being classified as click-bait, keep the headline true to what your blog post is about. Honesty is the best policy.

Your content won’t be shared across social media platforms, but your headline will be shared. Make sure your headline is catchy enough to interest potential readers.

The Buffer App’s blog has a great article on headline formulas that work, it is full of great ideas to help you!

I hope this has given you some help in how to write a post.  The strategies are simple but sometimes we forget the simple things can make the most impact.

For more information about how to write a successful post try looking at this training by Loes over at Wealthy Affiliate.




  1. Cathy

    This is a timely article. I am just looking back at some of my old posts and found that their titles are really dull. I feel like changing them but the titles are also part of the permalink which I am not supposed to touch.

    The only way I could think of is changing the Meta-Title. Is that recommended or should I just stick with the dull post title forever?

    • Jackie

      In all the training at Wealthy Affiliate I think the big ‘no-no’ is changing the permalink.

      I would imagine one way round the issue to to write a similar post with a dynamic title.

      Thanks for stopping by Cathy


  2. Paul

    Good Day, Jackie.

    Writing a blog post with these 5 simple strategies is an easy-to-follow lesson. You describe these strategies well and concisely.
    Your links to other writers and learning centers are also well expressed. The 5-W’s, visuals and links are always a great start to any blog.
    Keep writing, your way with words makes it very easy to stay engaged in your story. Thanks.


    • Jackie

      Hello Paul

      Thank you much for your kind words.


  3. Xaric

    Hello Jackie,

    Thank you for the useful information.

    I am currently in the process of editing and improving every old post, adding keywords, images, content, and making improvements in general and your article came about just in time.

    I will follow your tips when suitable and see where this will take me 🙂


    • Jackie

      Hello Xaric

      I’m so pleased the article was useful.

      It’s very kind of you to say so.

      I wish you every success with your website.


  4. Carlos

    Hey there,
    This is some great information provided here. I’ve been having trouble writing posts for my website. I just feel sometimes that I’m not doing it right because my audience don’t engage too much with my content. Maybe is due to my bad consistency on publishing. But, I will for sure apply these useful tips. Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Jackie

      Hey Carlos,

      I think you have answered your own question. Apart from quality content, consistency and engagement are crucial for your online success.

      I wish you luck with your online journey


  5. Louise

    Thanks for a brilliant and timely reminder of what to think about when creating blog posts. Even though I consciously know most of these things it’s so good to have a reminder every now and again.

    I often have an internal battle against writing an SEO-oriented headline versus a humorous and perhaps more engaging one….

    I will certainly be thinking carefully about my next post and that it includes all these elements.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jackie

      Hi Louise

      I’m so pleased you found this post useful.

      It can be hard finding that great headline can’t it?

      Good luck with your online business.


  6. jeffrey16201

    Very good advice on writing a successful post, I do my best to do all these things when writing any type of post online. I love to comment on blogs I read, I am not expert but giving my opinion makes me feel a little important.

    what is your next article going to about, maybe give us some more of your secrets to us?

    • Jackie


      Thanks for your message.

      I love to read different posts and leave comments. I think it makes many of us feel as if we are writing for someone!!

      My next couple of articles are on the steps needed after you publish your post. I hope you’ll come back and let me know what you think.

      Thanks again



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