How To Write A Review Article – That Goes The Extra Mile

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ResearchOne thing you want to do when building your website and increasing traffic is to write reviews. If you’ve never done a review before then it can be quite scary and this is one of the reasons why having a niche about something you’re passionate about makes it much easier.

This post is to help you learn how to write a review article that goes the extra mile even if you don’t own the product.


However much of an expert you are within your niche you’ll be researching constantly of course and gaining more information as you go along. The more research you do into your product, the more your knowledge will grow so you’ll be able to reach people who need more in-depth information.

When researching your product have a look at what the experts say. Even better how about interviewing an expert. You don’t always have to agree with them but having a point of view from somebody well-known within the niche will add some clout to your review .

You’ll Know More Than Most

If you’re not an expert within your niche and don’t own a product you’d like to review, what do you do?

The trick here is to write for those people who are one step below yourself in knowledge. Every piece of research you do puts you in a better position than somebody who hasn done no research into a product. This means you can help those people and you can help them from a viewpoint of being in a similar position to your readers. Always make sure that you explain clearly so that you are engaging with your readers on their level.

You may not know everything about a product within your niche but you could write about it in a much clearer and succinct way than a competitor who may ‘blind their reader with science’!

Owning The ProductPackage

The best way to write a review of course is to own the product yourself. This way you’ll have first-hand experience of how good, or bad the product is, and this is information you can pass on to your readers

If you haven’t got the product can you still write a review. As I said before it’s a case of researching, researching and researching

Asking Questions

If you know somebody with the product ask them what they think of it. Ask them for their own review. It doesn’t have to be written down by them. Ask them to tell you what they think of the product.


Another way to find out about different services or products for review is to join forums and look onto social media. Don’t forget ask lots of questions about the products and take note of all the answers. Using forums can help you find a different ‘angle’ for your review.


If you have any anecdotes about the product add them to your review to that personal feel and always write your own opinion rather than relying on someone else’s.


Another option is to compare different products within your review. Add a table to show what the products provide or don’t provide, their quality, price etc. This is a powerful resource that will make your review stand out from the crowd.


If you have the product consider making a video of the product being used. Unpackaging videos are popular. If you don’t have the product, have a look on Youtube as you’ll probably find a video of somebody using this product or service. You can use these on your site to add clarification.

Star Ratings
Star rating

Star ratings give a quick indication to whether the product is good or not. They can help your reader to decide to read the review or even to buy the product.

Be An Affiliate

You should be an affiliate for all the products that you mentioned on your site not just the best ones. Just because you may think a product isn’t the best doesn’t mean that one of your readers actually quite like the look of it. If they buy the products you get the commission whether it’s your choice or not.


Points to remember are:

Know your topic (Research)

Know your scope (Research)

Know your reader (Research)

Tell a story (Research)

As you can probably tell, the biggest factor in any review, whether you own the product or not, is RESEARCH.

Writing reviews will help with growing the traffic to your site and the authority you have within your niche. If you’d like to know more about writing convincing reviews this is a great video by my friend Jay.  Click the image to access.

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