Ideas For Blogging – Where Do They Come From

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Blogging is writing, and writing takes work!

Sometimes the most challenging part of the craft can be maintaining an influx of ideas. After all, you are writing content to publish week after week, month after month, year after year.  

But where do these ideas for blogging come from?

Every once in a while, an idea will strike when you least expect it – in which case – write it down!

You will kick yourself if you don’t take a moment to jot down the idea. And don’t think a one word note will jog your memory. Write a full sentence.

Life moves at a rapid pace and what you think will stick to your brain, just doesn’t.

You don’t even have to carry a pencil and paper with you anymore.

Most people carry a phone, so there is no excuse. Heck, you can even voice record your thought.


So, what if your idea muse is silent?Muse

Try these ten exercises to get her talking.


  • Think of something you find interesting, intriguing, or exciting. Even if other people have given you grief about your passion for the subject, there is someone out there who feels the same way. Or, if you don’t think your audience will find the idea interesting – convince them it is interesting with a blog post!
  • What are questions people ask you? Write a post about the answers.
  • MicrophoneInterview someone. People like to talk about themselves and chances are, they will be flattered you asked. Plus, having a blog might give you a great reason to interview someone you admire.
  • Keep an idea bank. Remember all those ideas I suggested you write down or record? Keep them. Even if you skipped over an idea in your bank in the past, it could spark another thought or be just what you need now.
  • Is your idea too broad? Try and break it up into smaller chunks. Even if you think your idea isn’t all that broad, drill down and find depth. Even if you think it will be harder to write on something specific, you will most likely find it easier than expected because you won’t have to cover everything in one post.
  • Make your idea into a series. This goes hand-in-hand with the above exercise. People stay engaged for shorter posts, so keep your posts short, but give people reason to return.
  • Dig through your old blog posts. Do you need to update information? Is there more current information available? Have you covered a topic where data is updated on a regular basis? Write a new blog post! Plus, when you keep your readers updated, they will consider you a reliable expert and worth following.
  • Dig through your old blog posts again. Is there a topic you could further expand on? 
  • Are there any questions you want answered? Research the question and report to your readers.
  • Go on a walk. Exercise is a proven way to recharge your brain. Getting away from it all and thinking about something else can be Walkjust what you need!

One of the best things you can do when it comes to writing is to just ‘do it’.

Writing everyday about anything seems to give your ‘writing mind’ its spark and help you to produce content much more easily than if you try to do it in fits and starts.

Do you have any tips for getting ideas flowing for your website content?


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