Is Your Job Stressing You Out? You Are Not Alone!

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A survey by the Chartered Institute Of Personnel And Development (CIPD) has found some interesting facts about the working lives of people. Although this survey was carried out in the UK I’m sure the results won’t differ too much in other similar countries.

StressSix thousand workers across a range of different working sectors were surveyed to measure the quality of jobs and how, if necessary, they can be improved.

Measures such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and Productivity have been governing factor in determining the health and value of the modern economy. Job quality, though, is a vital component for moving forward in the future but it has, in my opinion, been sorely overlooked in the past.

The CIPD has identified seven dimensions for measuring job quality. These are:

  • Money (Pay and benefits)
  • Terms of employment
  • Job design and the nature of work
  • Social support and cohesion
  • Healthy and well-being
  • Work-Life balance
  • Voice and representation

Are all the jobs people have deemed ‘quality jobs’?

If you had to answer this question today with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, what would your answer be?

Would your job score highly on all seven of the dimensions listed above?

Is your job stressing you out?

Although the survey found that 64% of workers were satisfied with their jobs (and I don’t believe ‘satisfied’ means having a job which is beneficial to one’s health!) it also found that 30% of those surveyed felt their workloads were unmanageable. It also found that 22% were under excessive pressure and 36% of workers were not paid appropriately for the job they carried out.

beaten downThe CIPD have found that the following needed to be put in place to improve the current state:

‘clearer paths to career progression’

‘giving access to flexible working’

‘improving line management and Hr capability’

‘Reviewing job design and organizational culture’

‘championing mental health and well-being’

The full survey and results can be found here.

I was intrigued by this survey and hope that the implementation of the solution strategies are put in place quickly. In reality, I know this won’t happen quickly enough for those already suffering in their place of work due to at least one of the seven dimensions being poorly administered at best or, just plain missing at worst.

Having had experience in the workplace in what I considered to be the ‘best job in world’ I understand the situation that many workers are in today. Eventually, I was beaten down by bureaucracy to a point where I eventually had to quit the career I had wanted since childhood.

Although now I have my own business which looks after all my needs, emotional, social, physical and financial, I still recoil at the stories of those whose lives are being ruined by having a ‘job’ which isn’t positively governed by the seven dimensions listed by the CIPD.

The strategies needed to ensure ‘job well-being’ need to be put into place quickly and without the red tape and sluggishness which usually affects strategies which would help those in need.

Before I finish this little rant I want to address one more issue.

I hear many people complaining about their working life and in many situations this is justified. My issue arises when I hear people moaning loudly about the inequalities and unfairness in the workplace when actually the problems are self-inflicted. There are times when it is absolutely crucial to take our lives into our own hands and become accountable for our actions. No-0ne should have to suffer at the hands of a bad manager or greedy business owner but we have the power to change our own lives.

Break FreeIt was an extremely difficult decision for me to quit my job as a teacher but was aware that the situation wasn’t going to improve as governmental restrictions, target and management were entrenched in the system. I took the plunge to start my own online business and, thankfully, it worked for me. It isn’t an easy fix and finding a new way forward is scary to say the least but it can become a blessing.

In my opinion, if you have a job you know is causing you stress you have the power to cope with the situation either by getting out of the situation or trying to solve the problem from within the organization. Don’t let your job run your life, let your life run your job.

There is light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes you need to forge forward and make life better for yourself rather than relying on someone else.  Break free from the constraints of a badly managed work place and improve your life.  I’m living proof that this can work.


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