New Small Business Ideas -Choosing A Niche

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If you are looking for new small business ideas you maybe needing help in choosing a niche.

So in this post we are going to look at ways of finding and choosing a niche.

Target Audience

So, what is a niche and do you need one?

In a nutshell, a niche is a group of people or audience who have something in common.

For instance, a group of people who are all looking for a coffee maker. Anything that has an audience can be a niche.

The answer to the second part of the question – do you need one?– the answer is most definitely YES.

If you’ve decided that you want an online business and you want to base it on something you love, hate, have a passion for, want to learn about – read on.

Choosing A Niche

You ideally want to choose something you have a passion for, something you have a great interest in or something you need an answer to.

Perhaps your new baby is keeping you up all night suffering with croup or a dreadful nappy rash.  It is these sort of thing that can become a niche.

If you have researched remedies for nappy rash you will be seen as an authority and can help other parents who have the same issues.

You can, therefore, earn money from something as basic as nappy rash.

There is no end to the amount of niches and you can make money on practically any of them.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing.  This is where you promote products on your website and earn a commission if someone buys through clicking the link on your site.  The only thing you need to do is promote the product – there is no packing, posting, selling etc.  You are just promoting the product for their owners.


Probably the biggest affiliate program in the world is Amazon.  So we are going to use Amazon as a way of finding a niche.

As example, let’s say you are a huge coffee drinker and coffee machines is a niche you’d like to look into.

Below is the Amazon Homepage with ‘coffee machines’ entered into the search bar.

Coffee makers

Coffee machines is quite a large niche and what you need to do is narrow that niche down and Amazon, very kindly, does this for you.  If you have a look at the screenshot below, you’ll see, on the left the list of the different types of coffee machine.

Coffe makers niche

It could be you’d be more interested in ‘cafetieres’ or ‘coffee filters’ or ‘Stovetop Coffee Makers’.

This is an excellent way of narrowing down a large niche.

You can use this method to find a niche and narrow it down.

Another example below shows the search option for ‘cloth diapers’ with the different categories on the left for narrowing down the niche.Cloth diapers niche


Another method of finding a niche is to use a site called DMOZ(Although the DMOZ site has closed they have provided a ‘static mirror’ so it is still a good source of niche ideas.)and below is a shot of their homepage.  This is another very good place to come to help with suggesting a niche.



Let’s say you are interested in computers.  Now, computers, as you can imagine would be a huge niche and it would be extremely difficult to become successful within this large niche.

Clicking on ‘computers’ within DMOZ brings up the page as shown below.

DMOZ Computers

Any of these topics could become a niche (I have no idea what some of them ever mean!!) and clicking on any of these will narrow the topic down even more.

‘Human Computer Interaction’ may be something that interests you and you could discover an interesting niche.

The ‘Health’ niche is enormous and would not only be hard to become successful but it would be extremely difficult to find an audience.Health niche

But, within the ‘health’ niche just look at all the sub-niches.  

Once you click on one of the sub niches you’ll find another lot of niches.

I clicked on ‘Senior Health’ and other narrower niches popped up.

Senior health

Any of these niches could be a niche for you to base your business on.

If you are absolute stumped for a niche idea why not pop over to Wealthy Affiliate and promote this business.

I mention this mainly because all the training you need can be found on this platform.  It is where I started my training and my businesses so I have first hand experience of how excellent it is.

Remember, it is free to join and it will also teach you how to create a successful online business, whatever your niche.

Click on the image below and have a look around the Wealthy Affiliate site.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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