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Most people who are just getting started in the world of online marketing tend to underestimate how much writing needs to get done to keep a website fully functional. To capture the attention of readers and get them hooked, you will have to churn out lots engaging content on a regular basis. Even if you regard yourself as a competent writer, the taxing process of providing fresh content for a new website can easily overwhelm you if you choose to do it single handedly.

Furthermore, not everyone loves writing. And even if you do, you may not be able to consistently produce the type of online Online Article Writingarticle writing that readers find interesting. This however should not stop you from pursuing your goal of setting up your online business. You can simply outsource for content from freelancers who have the time and experience in producing web material.

Outsourcing content is a generally widespread practice in the online world and there is no shame in doing it. Besides, most people setting up an online business do so with the sole purpose of earning a steady income with minimal effort. It would be completely counterproductive if you then have to stay up all night writing web articles. And that’s not all, outsourcing your web content will give you more time to perform other tasks such as marketing your website and coming up with more creative ways of generating income from it.

When it comes to getting material for your website, Iwriter is one of the best platforms where you can be able to outsource for content of any topic or word count. You can even get e-books or research papers written by the freelance writers employed on this website.

About iWriteriwriter

Iwriter was formed in 2011 as a platform for freelance writers to sell their articles. The platform currently employs thousands of freelancers from all over the world. All writers have to pass an English proficiency test before they are allowed to start working on Iwriter.

Writers are rated by requesters for every job they submit. If a writer receives several good ratings, they are promoted to the higher ranks where they will be able to take on more lucrative assignments. However, writers who consistently receive poor ratings are permanently suspended from the platform.

Getting Started

If you need some articles written on this platform, you will first have to create an account and load it with cash through a PayPal transfer. The whole process is fairly straightforward and can be completed within minutes. Once your account has been activated, you can proceed to log in and request for articles.

Online Article Writing

Placing Your Order

Before placing a request, you will be asked to provide some important details relevant to the article you want. These include the desired length for the article, the preferred language, formatting instructions and any keywords to be included for search engine optimization.

You will also have to specify the skill level of the writers you want to work on your article. The lowest-rated writers are found on the standard level. Articles written by standard level writers cost less but are more likely to be of poor quality. The most proficient writers can be found on the elite and elite-plus levels. Such writers are able to produce excellent articles including e-books and lengthy research papers. Getting your work done by the top-rated writers however costs more.

After you submit your request, it will be placed on the queue where any writer of the specified rating will be able to start working on it. Once the freelancer completes the project and submits it, you will be notified via e-mail. As a requester, you will be asked to review the article and accept it or reject it within 72 hours after it is submitted.

If the article needs a little work, you can send it back to the same writer to make improvements on it. In case the article submitted is just too lousy then you can reject it and send it back to the queue for another writer to give it a shot. However, if you receive a decent article from a writer and accept it, you will be able to download the entire piece in either PDF or Word format and the writer will get paid for it.

iWriter Pros

1. Iwriter articles are remarkably cheap. You can get a 300 word piece written by a standard-level writer for as little as $1. It’s hard to get such a sweet deal anywhere else on the internet.

2. You won’t have to pay for anything you don’t like. If a writer submits a terrible article, you can reject it outright and you Online article writingwon’t be charged for it.

3. You can get articles written in several different languages. Due to the fact that Iwriter employs freelancers from all over the world, it is easy to find multilingual writers who can write in other major language such as German, French or Italian.

4. Iwriter performs plagiarism checks for you free of charge. It would be really unfortunate to pay for an article only to find out later that it had been copied word for word from another website. All articles submitted by freelancers on Iwriter are first taken through Copyscape to check them for plagiarism or copyright infringement before you receive them. You can therefore be assured that anything you buy from this website is surely original.

iwriter Cons

1. Cheap standard-level articles are mostly garbage. Sourcing for articles from writers in the lower ranks can be a huge gamble. Such articles are usually very cheap but are mostly badly written. You might have to reject countless articles before you find one worth buying. You can however avoid having to go through this by simply opting to work with elite level writers who are usually more reliable.

2. You might have to wait for a long time before you receive an article. Once your request is taken into the queue, writers have the liberty to pick or to ignore the job. As a result, your request can end up getting overlooked for several days with before a writer picks it. This mostly occurs if your instructions are too vague or strict which might cause the freelancers to fear taking up the job.


Iwriter is a wonderful tool for website owners who need lots of content but lack the time or motivation to do all the online article writing by themselves. Their rates are also quite reasonable when compared to other sites offering a similar service. You might encounter a couple of awful articles at first, but after some time you will learn how to find good writers and your experience on Iwriter will improve drastically.

If you’d like to learn more about iWriter, click this link.



  1. Furkan

    I understand that lowest rated writers and standard level writers will not be good for my business. I wonder if I order a lot of articles will there be a discount? I want to order articles which will be written by top rated writers. So do you have any knowledge about this?

    • Jackie


      I think it would be necessary to ask an individual writer.  I have no experience of this but I woud imagine if you build a relationship with a particular writer then you can discuss terms.  Sorry I can’t be of more help in this.


  2. Ian

    I think one of the problems having someone else write your articles is if you use different people to do it, the articles will be written differently, your audience will be able to tell the content isn’t from you.
    That might just put some readers off.
    If you can get a decent writer though and stick with the one, I expect it can be very beneficial to your business.

    • Jackie

      Hello Ian

      You can ask for a specific tone to be used in the article and if it isn’t exactly what you want you can ask for it to be rewritten either by the writer or to be written by someone else.

      Of course, if you find a writer who creates content in the way you like then it is worth sticking with them.

      Thank you for your comment


  3. Claudia H. Blanton

    This is interesting! I have never heard of iwriter before, so this is completely new to me.

    I have had so many issues with freelancers hired on Fiverr, that I pretty much gave up – not sure, if this would be a better replacement, but I am willing to give it a try.

    Thanks for the tip, of using a writer that is higher ranked – I surely will do that. You get what you pay for, I guess?



    • Jackie

      Thanks Claudia

      I would recommend giving iWriter a try.  Absolutely, you definitely get what you pay for.

      Thanks for visiting


  4. Darren

    $1.00 for an article sounds really cheap. What’s the quality like for that price. I actually do freelancing (not on any platforms like iWriter or Upwork), plus I run a number of websites.

    The truth is I’m getting really tired of writing and am really bored with it. I’d actually like to outsource. If good writers are willing to write articles for that low price, who am I to argue?

    I might check it out and save myself some time and workload. Thanks for the review.

    • Jackie

      Hi Darren

      As a rule you ‘get what you pay for’.

      On the other hand you may be lucky and find a new writer who is very good.  With iWriter you can always reject badly written articles.


  5. Taq'uee Hicks

    Most people who are just getting started in the world of online marketing tend to lack a sense of laziness or not wanting to work. Furthermore, not everyone loves writing. And even if you do, there are all of the pros and cons that come with this. Outsourcing content is a generally widespread practice in the online world and there is no shame in being who you are because your beautiful!

    • Jackie



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