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If you have an online business, especially in the early days of your business, there’s a good chance you want to know how to improve your online business marketing strategy.

Perhaps your current efforts are bringing in some ROI (Return On Investment), but you know there is still more you could, and should, be doing.

OR, maybe you are seeing no results at all and need an entirely different approach. Either way, there is an easy way to improve your online marketing strategy.


The main principle behind internet marketing is to value and respect your customers. This sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it but far too many online marketers look at their visitors and potential visitors as a monetary value. In other words, they see it as a world full of people ready to be hoodwinked. Needless to say, this is the wrong approach.

ScamAnyone using bamboozle tactics as a strategy to get people to buy from them are not using a ‘marketing strategy but rather using any scam to get their visitors to part with their money.  Usually for something completely useless!  

This isn’t a marketing strategy, it is a scam, nothing more and nothing less.

A Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy puts your potential customers first.  This means respecting the visitors to your business whether they buy something from you or not.

Having an online business means it is sometimes difficult to remember that you are dealing with real people.  You can’t see them and they can’t see you.  But…it is crucial you remember you are dealing with real people and you should value every single one of them.

If you put yourself in the place of a potential customers how would you want to be treated?  Somehow I don’t think you’d want to be jumped upon with a huge sales pitch and then ignored and snubbed if you didn’t buy.  Some questions to ask yourself when dealing with visitors to your site could be:

  • What does this person want?
  • Why do they want it?
  • When do they need it?
  • Would this solve a problem for them?

These questions are at the heart of your internet marketing strategy, in fact, any marketing strategy.  If you are asking these questions of your visitors you will soon build a picture of their needs and show them you have their best interests at heart.

You have your visitors and are beginning to build up a picture of their needs, wants, issues and problems.  Now is the time to be entirely transparent.  Ensure whatever you say to your visitor can be backed up.  If, in your heart, you know your product or service isn’t really suitable for someone, tell them and recommend something else more suitable, whether this is your product/service or not.  This may seems madness but it proves you are in the business of helping and not scamming.

Think about it, how would you feel if you were the customer and been treated like this.  I don’t know about you but I’d definitely have no problem going back to see if another product or service would suit and would certainly be recommending to others.

How much belief do you have in your own product?

If it isn’t as good as it possibly can be, why are you promoting it?

Visitors to your site will soon catch you out if you don’t have 100% faith in your product or service.  If you find yourself trying to enhance a description then obviously it isn’t good enough and needs work.  Promoting an inferior product/service may work for a short time but it isn’t going to become a source of passive income.  Eventually, you’ll be found out and lose any credibility you may have had.

The bottom line if you want an online business marketing strategy that works, the visitor or potential customer must come first.  You are there to solve a problem they have and they want to believe that you have the answer to their issues.


Keep your credibility and integrity by building a relationship based on trust rather than on how much money you can make.  Your customer is the lifeblood of your online business so make sure they are valued and respected and they’ll reward by returning to you because you have the answers they need.


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