Paid Solo Ad Traffic – Finding Them In Your Niche

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  • Have you ever considered using solar ad to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Do you even know what a solo ad is?

TrafficMy next few posts will deal exclusively with all aspects of solo ads including how to make money using solo ads.

What is a solo ad?

Solo ads are a great way for internet marketers to send out a promotional email to many prospects for a relatively low cost

You need to find someone with a large email list that is a large list of subscribers closely related to your niche and then paying the owner of this list to send out your email to their list. So effectively you’re renting a list from the solo ad provider to which your email is sent.

Within the email you send there will usually be a link to an opt in page, if you want to increase your own list, or a sales page if you’re interested in finding buyers

Solo ads are a fast way of getting traffic and of course building your own email list.

There are a number of different places to buy solo ads and we’ll be looking at each one in later posts along with the tricks and tips of buying solo ads.

Below is a list of some popular places to find solo ad providers:


Solo Ads Testimonials

Solo Ads Marketplace

Entering ‘solo ad providers’ in the search engines will also bring many individual providers. We shall look at the ways to choose a solo provider in a later post.

How Do You Find Solo Ads In Your Niche?

Below are some sites you can go to find solo ad vendors within your niche. These sites give you some degree of safety within the solo ads world but it is still absolutely to research each vendor.

Warrior Forum


Easy solo Ads


Another method to find businesses with a list in your niche is described below. I have to warn you though, this is a long-winded method but can be worthwhile in the end.

As in so many areas of internet marketing you’ll be getting to grips with a lot of research to find the best providers within your niche.

The first thing you need to do is to develop a list of people who have lists in your niche. You’ll need to join as many lists in your niche as possible.

It’s a good idea to set aside a new email address to do this as you’ll be inundated with emails!

To join email lists in your niche, enter your niche and click on the entries. Join up to any lists. Another way, and possibly quicker method, is to enter your niche + email list to the search engine. Eg. dog training email list. This particular entry gave me more than 13 million results!!

Remember to be creative with the keywords you use for adding to the search engine. For example, in the dog training niche, you could have:

  • Dog training
  • Training puppies
  • Dog training equipment
  • The best dog whistles
  • etc

I suggest you weed out any lists that don’t correspond regularly or who send out irrelevant information before going on to the next step.

Next you are going to as if you can buy a mailing to each of the lists. Of course, not all will agree but, hopefully, you’ll have a 30% success rate.

AccountabilityThis may all sound rather complicated but it is a method of finding solo ad providers and growing your list. The problem I have with this method though, is the lack of accountability. You have no idea if the vendor you are using will send your swipe copy to the required number of people or even if they send it at all!

Other places you can go to find solo ad vendors within your niche, with some degree of accountability would be:

Warrior Forum


Easy solo Ads

If you’ve decided you’d like to give solo ads a try, please only buy a few clicks in the first instance, testing the water, so to speak. If the result is good you can always go back for more.

For a comprehensive course in all aspects of using solo ads click the image below.

Solo Ads Success Formula

The next post will be about when to avoid commercial solo ad providers.

As always if I can help is any aspect of your new online business please leave a comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can email me at


  1. Richard U.

    I have been seriously considering solo Ads before but was put off due to lack of good information until I stumble on your post.

    You pretty much-covered everything one needed to know about solo ads and I must say you have just changed my mind.

    I will look into those recommendations you suggested and see what is on offer. I know it can be expensive but one always can test things out.


    • Jackie

      Hello Richard

      I’m so pleased you found this post useful.

      I think solo ads work out expensive if you don’t follow the steps and do some research.  It can become quite a lucrative method of increasing your list and sales.

      Thank you


  2. Clay

    Thanks for the post. I am new to internet marketing, so this was helpful. Building my audience is my next step. I appreciate the info and I’ll look into it. Would you recommend buying solo ads in the phase I am in? Or do you think I should focus elsewhere?

    • Jackie

      Hello Clay

      In my opinion you should start building your list as soon as possible.  It you wait until you think it is the ‘right time’ it never will be.

      Thanks for stopping by



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