There are 4 Components for a successful solo ad campaign.  These are

  • Quality Solo Ad Vendors
  • Email Swipe
  • Capture Page
  • Tracking

Below is a brief description of each component.

Quality Solo Ad Vendors

A quality solo ad vendor is someone who will send the clicks you’ve paid for, send to a percentage of top tier of subscribers (those in the top four English-speaking counties) and who will send the email swipe copy you give them.

It is essential to select the best solo ad vendors if you want to achieve the best results for your email campaign and create a positive return on your investment.

Email Swipe Copy

This is the email you want the vendor to sell to their list. It should be a high quality email with a reason for the reader to click on your link. This could be a free gift option, a newsletter, report, etc.

It is important you send your own email swipe copy and not let the vendor send their own version. Keep ownership of as much as possible of your campaign.

Capture Page

The capture page is to convert your readers into leads and then into your sales funnel (it’s not a good idea to send traffic straight to a sales page). Ideally, your capture page should be converting approximately 40% of your leads and this can be achieved by having an excellent capture page


It is essential to track your solo ad campaigns in the following ways:

The total number of clicks delivered

The percentage of leads you are getting from each solo ad campaign

What percentage of your traffic is from the top tier countries

Solo Ads Success

In order for your solo ads campaigns to become successful you must implement all the four points discussed above. Without quality solo ad vendors and a well written email swipe you won’t be able to have high conversion rates (or sales). Without tracking you won’t be able to tell which campaigns/vendors/tactics.


To create a campaign for paid solo ad traffic you need:

  • Quality solo ad vendors (not just one!!)
  • Well written email swipe copy
  • A quality capture page
  • Tracking for total clicks, percentage of lead and percentage of top tier traffic.

If you’d like to learn more about the methods to create a highly successful solo ad campaign click the image below.

Solo Ads Success Formula


  1. Papi

    Hi Jackie, this sounds like an interesting system. Do I understand this correctly, that with this system I can get traffic to my sites a different way than via organic search through Google or other major search engines? Does this system also help you create a website and train you how to build an email campaign and stuff like that?

    • Jackie

      Hi Papi

      Solo ads are a great way to increase your email list especially in the beginning of your online journey without needing the search engines.  

      There are courses which can help you build your website and an email campaign

      Hope this helps


  2. Gomer Magtibay

    Thanks for this short yet easy to understand explanation about using solo ads to get traffic to our sites and offers. If you can afford it, then why not? In my years of doing business online, I’ve encountered big marketers whose sole source of leads are solo ads, so there’s no doubt about its potential. I may be using solo ads too in the near future. There’s just one thing that I’d like to know or ask… Are we the one to provide email swipes? Or, is there a way for them to just create emails for us without being supplied with swipes?

    • Jackie

      Hello Gomer

      I would always recommend using your own email swipe copy.  You can ask your provider to send their own swipe but then you are relinquishig control.

      Hope this helps


  3. Gail

    Hi Jackie. Thank you for this information. I have not heard about solo ads before so am intrigued by what they are and how they can help. Could you give me a bit more information about how they work on your website please? I presume that they work in a similar way to say AdSense but are they things that you add to your own site or are you trying to drive traffic to a landing page. I’d love to get your thoughts as this seems like an interesting idea?

  4. Furkan

    I read Solo ad campaigns in Semrush’s article and it was quite interesting.
    I actually don’t know anything about the capture page and I don’t know how a good capture page looks like. I want to have a closer look at this program but beforehand I want to know more about the capture page. Do you have a good source for this?

    • Jackie

      Hello Furkan

      Thank you for your comment

      I outsource my capture pages as I’m not particularly good with this.  I’ve found this article you may found useful though


  5. Kari

    The solo ads is a great way to get traffic to your site, when you haven’t got organic traffic plenty enough through search engines. You pointed out the right things to succeed with your solo ads campaigns.

    A relevant and captivating email swipe and high-class capture page are the most crucial issues. If the relevancy in your campaign goes all the way through your sales funnel, the possibilities that the campaign converts well are high.
    I like the way how the important parts of solo ads campaigns was described in a nutshell.

    • Jackie

      Thanks for reading, Kari


  6. Darren

    I like the idea of trying solo ads. If you can get on board with a good list, I think it might work really well, and doesn’t sound like it’s any more expensive than doing a PPC campaign.

    Do you think solo ads are best for building an email list only, or would they also work well for affiliate offers? Do vendors even allow affiliate offers?

    • Jackie

      Hello Darren

      The idea of solo is, basically, to build your email list.  Once you have someone on your list and have built a relationship of trust there is nothing wrong with sending them your affiliate if you think it is something that could help them.


  7. justin

    Hey this is a really good article, i wouldnt mind learning more about this. I am trying to grow my websites and take it to the next level and i would really like to bring in other streams of income so i can succeed online. I will get there one day and this stuff seems interesting and a good way to bring in revenue.

    • Jackie

      Hello Justin,

      I would recommend building your email list as early as possible.  It’s a great way to earn online.



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