A big issue when starting an online business, or in fact, any new venture, is becoming distracted by the unnecessary things. Diamond

The new shiny object syndrome.

First off, I understand this syndrome so well and have to work exceptionally hard to keep it under control.

The amount of time and money that can be spent on these shiny distractions mounts up without you realising it.

Do you have The New Shiny Object Syndrome?

You have decided to start your online business and have been busy with finding a niche, looking for the lucrative keywords, building your website creating content, learning, tweaking and commenting.

Then what?

I think it can be linked with the seven year itch.  The seven piece itch!

Instead of filling your site with content, learning all there is to know about an online business, you are looking at alternative website themes, networking in the pub, buying business cards, designing a logo, enrolling in a scheme which ‘guarantees’ a 6 figure income by Thursday etc etc etc.

Please use all your will power to overcome this itch and stick to your website.

Although I have listed 7 ‘shiny objects’ below, there are an infinite number of them so beware.

1.  Themes
It may be that your website theme isn’t perfect but it is what you have at the moment and it is the content that is important.

There are thousands of different themes you can choose, free and paid, and it can take an enormous amount of time trying to find the perfect one.  

With so many though there is the opportunity to give your website its own unique look just using the customisation tab. Simpler is better.  If your content is good you don’t need bells and whistles.

2.  Networking!!
I appreciate that ‘networking’ in the pub may have its benefits but these have very little to do with your online business.  Even if you inform your ‘networkers’ about your business, do you really think they will remember it tomorrow?

If you have a local business there are many ways in which you can network and generate business without needing PeptoBismal the next day!

Of course, social networking using Twitter, Facebook etc is an extremely useful way to network and broadcasting your content but don’t get lost in statuses of the rich and stupid.  Keep on task or you’ll find your day eaten away by someone’s antics in the supermarket.

3.  Business cards/stationery
Buying business card and stationery is a necessity when you have a local or bricks and mortar business but isn’t particularly useful when you have an online business.  Save the planet and paper.  If someone asks for a card, ask them for their email and make sure you contact them with your business details as soon as you can.

4. Training

Now, I believe that training is extremely important when learning about anything new.  I believe I have found the perfect platform for learning about becoming successful online and wouldn’t bother looking anywhere else.  

The problem is, the more you surf the web, the more ‘training’ you come across and it can all look very appealing. Some of it may be extremely good and relevant to your business but, believe me, most is just a copy cat of others and usually being sold at a much higher price.

Training is important but in the end it comes down to action.  You can learn about something for the rest of your life but until you put it into practice it’s all a bit pointless.  Bite the bullet and ‘just do it!’.

5. Online Chat

I’ve included this because you wouldn’t believe the times I’ve gone into chat at Wealthy Affiliate to ask for help and then realise I’ve been ‘chatting’ with friends and lost 2 hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually think ‘Live Chat’ at WA is the best feature but it can be a time stealer and if you want a successful online business then you need all the time you can get.  To try out Wealthy Affiliate for free, click the link below and then pop over to Live Chat to see what is going on.  I can assure you of a warm welcome.

Free Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

To be honest, I found this to be such a problem for me I have a timer on my computer and only allow myself a given time to be on chat.  Whether I need help or I’m helping others I know my priority is getting my business up and running successfully.

6.  Scams

Please, whatever else you do, watch out for scams online!  

There are too many unscrupulous people waiting to take your money for the latest shiny object.  I can assure you that whatever you need, you can find it online and it won’t cost you a fortune.  Don’t sign up for any shiny object without knowing exactly what you are getting into.  Support

I speak from experience and you and your business will suffer.  Keep on track and your business will succeed and the scammers will be one less victim short.

7.  Logos
I’m afraid that designing a logo has been my downfall.  It’s not that I am artistic in any way or form but I like colouring in.  I have a drawing package on the computer and I can spend hours trying to work out how to make a curved line.  There is plenty of time for this, believe me. If you really want a logo, why not visit fiverr and have one designed for five dollars.  Less expensive in time and money.

Your Business
You have an online business and the most important thing you can do to attract visitors/customers to your site is to write good quality content and keep this up on a regular basis.

There is, in my opinion, only one absolute necessity when building an online business – support.

My support network and training centre has seen me through the ups and downs of learning how to develop my business and will be there for the future ups and downs as well. 

Do you have any other ‘itches’ that could added?  I’d love to hear from you.