Mark Ling
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Affilorama has been cropping up recently in different forums and discussions so I thought I’d have a look and see if it is a worthwhile internet marketing training program.  So here is my review of Affilorama and whether I think it is worth a money.

If you really can’t be asked to read it all, in a nutshell, I would give Affilorama a look.  It is after all only $1 for a 30 day trial where you’ll have access to the premium membership.  Click the link to have a look at Affilorama. Click Here!

What is it?

Affilorama is a training course for learning about internet marketing.  It provides hundreds of hours of video training material along with written lessons.

It was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling who has a good name within the internet marketing circles.


Free Membership

Mixture of Video and Text

Lots of articles and lessons

$1 to try out premium membership for 1 month

Money back guarantee

Mark Ling has a good reputation within the internet marketing field

Blog area includes lots of different affiliate program niches


Some out-dated lessons and information

Afffilotools video was puzzling


Not particularly easy to follow especially as a newbie

Expensive to become a premium member

You need to buy other products to access further training

No interaction with owners

No Live Chat

The search option doesn’t help when looking for information within the Affilorama site

Support is impersonal


Basic Membership is free

Premium Membership is $67 per month with upsells on top.
$1 will give you access to the premium membership for 30 days so you can have a good look around.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Without a doubt there are lots of training modules available especially if you upgrade to a premium membership.  I like the fact that videos and text are available to cater for different learning needs.

The free membership offers around 20 hours of video lessons along with the writtern materials.  There is no doubt that these lessons will help you learn some valuable information about the initial stages of internet marketing

The Premium membership is geared to those with a bit more experience of internet marketing and contains 100s of videos and training materials. The materials are good and are in abundance although I have to say that some are rather out-dated and I found it a bit confusing at times.

A Look Inside

Below are some screenshots from inside Affilorama.


This is a list of the lessons found in the introduction section with lots of training on affiliate marketing.


Links to the various classrooms within Affilorama.

Affilorama Upsell

One of the Upsells that are found within the Affilorama site.

Affilorama Screenshot

From what I could see the ‘blog’ page is about learning about various affiliate programs within different niches.  I thought these were quite interesting to read and I learnt some new information.

Affilorama screenshot

This was a bit of a worry.  The most popular posts date back to 2011.  The internet industry changes rapidly so the information found is more than likely to be very out-dated.

Affilorama Support

I suppose I’ve been spoilt at Wealthy Affiliate with having Live Chat giving support 24/7. The support system at Affilorama seems rather impersonal to me.





All in all Affilorama has a lot to  offer.  The training is reasonable and it is certainly in abundance.

I have to admit to feeling a bit ‘lost’ on the site though.  I was never too sure where to go next and felt that unless I bought other tools I would not be able to progress with an online business.

As I know this isn’t the case I would be worried that someone visiting Affilorama would consider it impossible to become successful without paying out quite a lot of money.

The $1 needed to have access to the premium membership areas is a great idea and makes you comfortable in being able to make an informed choice as to whether or not to upgrade.  This is one of the reason I feel this program is not a scam and although not really recommending it I do suggest paying the dollar and having a good look around.


I wanted to compare Affilorama to Wealthy Affiliate which is my preferred training platform.

Check out the differences in the table below.

Although Affilorama doesn’t score so well in the table above I would still recommend having a look inside especially as you can do so for $1 for a 30 day trial.

Any program that offers this sort of incentive is worth having a look at but remember if you don’t want to continue your membership, cancel before the 30 days are up or you’ll find yourself $67 short.

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