Solo Ads – How To Build Your List

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Solo ads are a great way to get quality traffic fast but there are some strategies you’ll to be aware of to get the most out of your solo ad campaigns.

Squeeze Page

The most important thing you need to have when buying solo ads to increase your email list is a squeeze Page.  This should, preferably, be your own squeeze page for your own free offer rather than for someone else’s list eg for an affiliate offer.  Having your own offer and therefore your own squeeze page will mean you capture emails for your own list and not the anyone else.

Your squeeze page should be offering a free product.  Remember that this free product should be a good quality product.  If you offer a half hearted attempt at an offer, visitors aren’t going to believe in you and this results in low sales.  

The rule here is ‘over-deliver’ always.

Sales Product

You’ll need a product or service to sell to your prospective customers.  This product or service should be relevant to your free offer.  In other words, if your free offer is a video on showing how to improve your golf swing, your sales product shouldn’t be ‘how to have a better relationship with your husband!’

Optin Rates

Although it may sound good to have a 10,000 optin rate this is pointless if you get no sales.  It is much better to have 1,000 optins and 100 sales than 10,000 optins and 1 sale.

It is how many sales you get that determine whether your campaign is successful.  It is how you manage to pay for your solo ad campaign and how you can upscale to reach the potential.

Text And Text Or Video And Video

If your squeeze is a text based page then your sales page should also be text based.  If your squeeze page is video based then so should your sales page.  

This is an important aspect to remember.  If someone opts in to a video based squeeze page they may not be so inclined to read a text based sales page and vice versa.  Having a video based squeeze page followed by a text based sales page may decrease the number of possible sales.

My Training Recommendation

If you’d like to learn more about solo ads then I would highly recommend Misha Wilson’s Solo Ad Success Formula.  It comes with 4 modules and a selection of bonuses and is worth so much more than the $7 price.  Click the link below for your Solo Ad Success Formula.Solo Ads


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