The Basics Of Building A Website – Part Four

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The Fourth and final part of the series ‘The Basics Of Building A Website’ is all about plugins.

Click the links below to find parts 1 to 3.

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You have your website up and running and are ready to for it to look and work as you imagined it.Star Trek

Your WordPress website is powerful and efficient but sometimes it needs a little help along the way to do those irritating little (or big) things that would be complicated to implement.

This is where the plugin comes into play. 

There is probably a plugin to do practically anything you need to do on your website.

Most are useful but there are some fun ones out there too. eg a plugin that displays random Star Trek quotes or another that gives an advent calendar!

The majority of plugins are free to download and to do this you will visit the developer’s website and click the download button for the plugin.  Then follow the instructions on how to install and activate the plugin.


There are some plugins that make your life easier and less frantic and these some I recommend. 

  • All In One SEO

This plugin doesn’t show up on your website as it is working hard behind the scenes to make your site optimised for SEO (Site Engine Optimisation)

If you are new to website ownership, the All In One SEO plugin just has to be activated by the click of a button and it starts working.

For those with a little more experience the plugin can be used to make adjustments to make sure your SEO is at its peak.

  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

Basically, this plugin distinguishes between humans and machines.gCaptcha_39BE84E5

It can added to forms, comments etc to protect against bots.  

A bot (from the term ‘robot’) can be used for productive and useful tasks, but they are also used for malicious purposes so you don’t want these on your site.

A typical captcha will look ask you to copy the letters/digits from a distorted text.  Humans are able to do this but the ‘bots’ can’t.


  • Social Media Plugin.Individuality And Expertise:Not Through Testing!! - The Learning Voyage - The Learning Voyage 2015-02-09 17-10-59

Social media is too big to ignore.  

There are so many different plugins to help share, follow, like and pin and it is worth researching for one that suits your needs.

I like to use Social Media Feather which add social sharing and following buttons to all the pages and posts on my site.  It is easy to install and use which is why I like it!

Examples of other social media plugins are:

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress


Social Buzz

As I mentioned earlier, there are plugins for any functions you need or want to have on your website.  A word of warning though.

Each plugin will slow down the speed of your site.  

More plugins  =  slower site  =  fewer visitors.

Before I end this posts I want to let you know about the issue with spam

At one time I used a plugin called Askimet to filter out spam comments.  This was a free plugin and did the job admirably.  It was such a shame when they decided to charge for this plugin.

Anyway, as luck would have it, Wealthy Affiliate have added this as a feature to their membership.  This means I don’t need a plugin to block spam.

If you’d like to read more about this feature please click the link below.

Site Protect – Spam Block

Maybe you have a ‘can’t do without’ plugin that you could share with us.  

What makes it invaluable?

Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.




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