The Basics Of Building A Website – Part Three

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In part three of the series, Basics of Building a Website, we are looking at choosing a theme.

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What is the theme?

You have your house (website) and an address (URL) now you need to decorate your home. This is where your theme comes in.
There are so many themes each with their own ‘paint jobs’.

Decorating Tools

Choosing a theme shouldn’t be something you spend too long on as you can always change it later on.

Free or Paid?

In the past I worked with free themes but that’s because I kept changing my mind and altering the theme for my site.  I’m an eternal decorator!

Later in my internet marketing journey though I decided to use a paid theme.  This website is using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. They have a huge array of different themes for different tastes and I’ve added a link for you to have a look for yourself.

Remember though, a paid theme is not a necessity.

There are those people who would recommend that as a business owner you should have a paid theme. There are many reasons for this:

  • The theme is updated on a more regular basis than the free versions. This is especially important in regards to security issues which are constantly evolving.
  • There is usually a good support system with a mixture of forums, live chat or a support ticket system.
  • There is less likelihood of your theme being recognised.  Having a unique look to your website is important to some businesses although even with free themes there are ways to adapt them to your liking.
  • Attribution links are not required in a paid theme.


Nowadays it is important to have a website that is mobile friendly(responsiveness).  More people than ever are using their mobile phones and tablets for using the internet.   Having a site which is difficult to use on a mobile means losing out on potential customers.

Too much going on!

If you are like me, a website that is slow to load is one that I lose patience and end up leaving quickly.

It is tempting to choose a theme which has all the bells and whistles but you will pay for these with a sluggish site and ultimately, less traffic.

User Experience

As your audience is going to be using your website much more than you will it is worth building it so they don’t get lost or confused by the experience.  Your website is to sell your business not to sell the theme.  In my opinion, keep it simple so your business shines through.


Reviews are an important feature to me and I always look to see how many times a theme has been downloaded and the number of good and bad comments.  It’s not always the best indicator and a theme with a number of negative reviews might be the perfect one for you business.

Remember, if you decide that your chosen theme isn’t doing the job you thought it would then it is simple to change it.  A word to the wise though: Before you change to another theme, backup your website, just in case.

Keeping the costs down when starting up a new business is important.
Who wants to start of a new life with an overdraft?

I’ve mentioned Wealthy Affiliate before as a superb platform to learn about online marketing.

As a starter member you are given the opportunity to have two free websites using WordPress as well as the training to set them up.

Using the Starter Membership means you can learn how to create a WordPress website and get it up and running for your business.

Have you a favourite theme you like to use?

What is special about it?

Please leave a comment below.


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