The Basics Of Building A Website – Part Two

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In this second of the series Basics Of Building A Website, we are going to look at where your website will live.  This is called ‘hosting’ in the world of websites.

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I have added an infographic below to show the different types of web hosting plans.  Hopefully it explains this in an easy-to-understand way without lots of words.

website hosting infographic

Source:  AnieA203

Choosing where to host your website

Your website needs a hosting provider so your website can be seen on the internet.

The hosting service will provide a place where all your files are kept along with other services such as technical help and email services. 

For your first website you may decide to choose a free web hosting service especially if funds are short and you are in the early stages of learning about the internet world. But, be warned some free hosting services place ads on your site in exchange for free hosting and they don’t often provide good support.

I’m someone who looks at customer reviews and this usually sways my decision about buying a product or service.  This isn’t the only tactic but it is what I look at first.

If the reviews are mainly negative then I’m off! If the site claims to be able to cover all your hosting needs and the reviews are good then use them.

There are several review sites for web hosting services and below is a link to one for the Top 5 Web Hosting Companies.  This is a good site to look at if you want some in depth information for choosing your hosting service.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

I have a number of websites now and they all live over at Wealthy Affiliate.  In recent months the service provided at WA has been improved to such a high standard and I would always suggest giving them a go.  It’s free to join and you get 2 free website so you can test the water and learn as you build your business.

Another aspect of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you can have the highest security on your site with free, yes free, SSL Certificate.

Click the little square below to find out more.

Technical Help

If you are a aren’t a techie who understands the ins and outs of owning a website (like me) then you will want a company who offers excellent technical support and preferably 24/7.  There is nothing worse than being stymied by a problem and you can’t get help until the morning. 

Other factors to consider would be:

  • Web space
  • Bandwidth
  • Website tools
  • Options for e-commerce

My sites have always been looked after extremely well at Wealthy Affiliate and their technical support is so quick and efficient.

Have a look at the different options and find a lovely home for your website.

If you know of a web hosting service that you believe is the ‘bees knees’ please let us know so we can share the information.

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