The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name

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What Is A Domain Name?

Your domain is your address on the World Wide Web. You could think of it like your home address with no building on it, just the plot of land. Buying a domain name is like buying a plot of land and building your house would be the same as creating your website.

Without a domain name you can’t have a website and as a website is crucial for running an online business you need a domain name.

The Best Place To Buy A Domain Name

Finding the best place to buy a domain name is simple. There are several reputable companies online with simple procedures to buy a domain name.





and my recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate

How To Buy A Domain

This is a simple process and doesn’t differ much wherever you decide to buy your domain from. The example below is from my preferred choice at Wealthy Affiliate.

All you need to do is type in the domain name you’d like and check whether it is available to buy. Then add it to your cart and, hey presto, you have bought a domain name.

Domain Name Search At Wealthy Affiliate

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Domain Name

Although the actual purchasing of the domain name is pretty straight forward there are some things you need to take into account when buying your domain.

Registrars will differ slightly on the same domain name so shop around for the best deal. Throughout the year they will offer promotions where you could get your domain for a cheaper price and over a number of years instead of the usual one year.

If you need hosting as well as your domain name you’ll need to shop around and have a look at the reviews of the hosting business. If this is the case, keep a list of all the services you may need when creating and running your website and check that the hosting company can supply these service.

Although you don’t have to buy your domain at the same place your host and build your website it makes

life much easier which is one of the reasons I buy my domains from Wealthy Affiliate. As a premium member you get to build and host 25 website with no extra charge.

It makes sense to check out the online reviews for different registrars and hosting companies. This is your business and you want it to be as safe and secure as possible.

Once you have bought your domain name it is important to understand that it can’t be changed. It is important that before you click ‘buy’ you’ve checked the spelling and double check it is definitely the domain name you want. You wouldn’t want to be saddled with a domain name similar to some of these. They are funny to read but not to own!!!

Remember to keep your domain name as legal as possible. You don’t want to choose one such as only to have coming down on you with a lawsuit and not only shutting down your site but landing you with a hefty copyright legal cost.

My Number One Choice

There is no easier or safe place to buy and host your domain names and website than at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll also receive with no extra cost

  • Privacy
  • Domain Security
  • Email
  • Backup
  • Support
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

To have complete peace of mind when it comes to your online business Wealthy Affiliate is my one and only recommendation.

Below is a chart for you to see at a glance the benefits of joining this awesome community.


WA Comparison Chart

The advantages really do speak for themselves.  If you’d like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate click here

As always, if you need any help in creating or running your online business please leave a comment in the box below or email me at I’d be so happy to help you out.


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