The Chimp Paradox

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Book Reviews | 6 comments

Have you ever read a book that put your life in perspective?

Until The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters, I wondered why I always seemed to be at war with myself and having constant battles within.  It’s this book that has made everything make sense and has helped me to calm the ‘inner chimp’ and keep battles and the war on a level and made my life calmer.

The book discusses the how different areas of your brain, the chimp, the human and the computer, react to life around you.

The chimp represents emotion, the human represents the logical thinking and the computer is where all the information from chimp and human is stored.

  • If you are someone who handles stressful (or not so stressful) situations badly then this book is for you.
  • If you have gone through life making poor decisions then this book is for you.
  • If you wonder why you make these poor decision even though a part of you is aware of a poor decision then this book is for you.
  • If you need to undertstand why you react to situations emotionally rather than logically then this book is for you.

I have never read a book that put my life and my reactions in perspective and helped me to overcome some of the poor decisions and reaction I have had.

The Chimp Paradox explains, through examples, why we react in unhelpful ways and what we can do to train the mind to become more logical in its approach to life events.

If you need a book that makes you realise you are not alone in the way you deal with life and explanations that gives methods of training yourself to react to life with a more positive and level-headed outlook then I recommend you read (or listen) to The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters.

This book has changed the way I cope with life’s ups and downs and am extremely grateful to Prof. Peters for the succinct, down-to-earth and helpful manner in which he conveys his message.

For your copy of The Chimp Paradox by Prof.Steve Peters click the image below.


  1. Mat A.

    Hi Jackie,
    Loved your write up and review of the Chimp Paradox. What an incredibly interesting book! I’ve never heard of it but it sounds like it’s got a great foundation to help us understand ourselves and some of the decisions we make. I can totally get the Chimp vs. the human brain, it makes lots of sense. I think of this in terms of making a logical decision vs making an emotional decision.
    I am a big self improvement guy and typically read at least 3-4 books a year for self improvement. I will put The Chimp Paradox on my list for 2018 – thanks!
    Mat A.

    • Jackie

      Hi Mat, thanks for visiting.

      I loved this book and it really has helped me to understand myself and the inner conflicts.  I hope you enjoy it too.


  2. Nate Glick

    This sounds interesting. I think that we all have those inner battles inside our heads, always trying to do the right things to be successful, yet sometimes we still make poor choices even though we know in the backs of our minds that those choices are probably not the best ones. I know sometimes I will make impulse purchases thinking that they will help my business out and then afterwards there they sit since I don’t have any time to implement it or I simply lose interest in it. I will have to check this out.

    • Jackie

      I highly recommend this book.  I loved it and learnt so much.

      If you get to read The Chimp Paradox, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.


  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi Jackie,

    Thank you kindly for your review and thoughts in regards to the chip paradox. I do find this quite interesting and found myself going over past events in my life where this could have applied to me.

    I totally missed it – the book format is physical or PDF? I tend to get more out of first reading and then listening. I am very intrigued to apply some of the techniques in this book to my life to help me to have a greater understanding of myself, as they say in Latin tenet nostra! (know thy self!).

    • Jackie

      Hello again Derek.

      The Chimp Paradox is in hard copy and paper pack as well as available on Kindle.  I have to admit I listened to the audio version first but was so taken with the book I bought the paperback. 

      It has certainly changed the way I react in situations.




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