Tips For Email List Building

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Email list building can seem rather daunting especially if you are new to internet marketing. To learn more about email marketing you can read a previous post here and look out for more articles to help you move forward with your email marketing campaigns.

Below are ten tips to help you through the email list building minefield.


Before you even consider building your list it’s important to have the right mindset. Always be willing to engage and connect with your subscribers don’t leave them hanging!

Remember the important thing is to make sure you’re giving great quality content, information resources etc to your subscribers.

Never think of your subscribers merely in financial terms. Always be ready to help them out and it isn’t always necessary ‘to sell’


Cheese and autoresponder that does what you need. One is offering a free service won’t always provide you with your necessary requirements.

Who’s the most popular autoresponder services are:




I recommend you take a look at these three and compare to find which one best suits your needs


Decide between single and double opt in confirmation for your list. With double opt-in,  an automatically generated email containing an activation link will be sent to the address provided to you by new subscribers. The address is added to your database only after the subscriber has clicked this link.  A benefit of the double opt-in is you know the email address is valid and you won’t be paying for non-existent emails.

The single opt-in doesn’t give the option of an activation link. Although this method is quicker it may result in more ‘bogus’ emails and the possibility of being accused of spamming.

Free Giveaways

People are going to give you the email list just for the fun of it is important that you offer them something in exchange for this. Consider an ebook or a report, maybe a checklist or a list of resources which will entice people to give you their email address and return for these three gifts. Just because they are free doesn’t mean there are low quality. Your free giveaways should be of the highest quality, something that people would pay for.

Dedicated Landing Page

You should create a dedicated landing page containing fill in the blanks the name email address etc although really you’re only interested in an email address it isn’t always necessary to ask for a name. I’m sure you know yourself if you have to give out too much information you just don’t bother

You can make your own landing page or you can use that of your autoresponder who usually have lots of templates for you to use.

Thank You PageThank you

You’ll need to create a thank you page that will be displayed to the subscriber was they have given you their contact information. You can do this yourself or you can use one of the templates from your autoresponder.

Promoting Others’ Free Giveaways To Help Promote Your Own

You can help to promote your free giveaway by offering to promote other people’s free giveaways on your download page while they do the same for you on their download pages.

Find credible marks to the that compliment your own and who you can trust.

Send A Welcome Email To New Subscribers

Always send a welcome message to your list and make sure that they’ve received their free download and includes a link in case they haven’t. Provide your contact information maybe through email social media or Skype etc and offer to help your new subscriber with anything related to the niche.

Follow With An Upsell

Adam modified by enhanced version of your free offer for hello price in one of your early emails to your subscriber. Follow up with a few more messages for your upsell to the new subscriber over the course of the next few weeks. Your follow up emails have you done automatically through your autoresponder.

Email Frequency

Remember any email you sent to your subscribers must contain value you don’t want to waste their time or they will unsubscribe.

You don’t want to be selling in every email. You need to be offering good quality content and information in 80% of your emails and 20% of those emails can contain your offers.

For some excellent training along with a ‘done for you’ system for your email list building click this link.

If you need any help in your quest for a successful online business just fill in the comment box below and I’ll be happy to lend a hand.


  1. Kevin

    I’ve put together a blog, but haven’t worked on email subscriptions. I do have a plugin and have a few people access it, but I realize I need to do more. I should think of providing free giveaways to potential customers. I do have a basic landing page but I should do more about it. Anything else you can suggest to get more subscriptions?

    • Jackie

      Hi Kevin

      Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. 

      If I were you, I’d get your email growing as soon as possible.  My ideal, in the beginning is solo ads.  Have a look at this post for some guidance. 

      Hope this helps


  2. Darren

    I’ve been building an email list for quite some time now, but in all honesty I’ve really neglected it in a number of ways. I seriously need to update my autoresponder email series. At the time I just quickly threw something together, but it needs changing.

    You’ve got some good tip son the basics here. The funny thing is, I’m not just starting out, yet I’ve failed to follow some of these basic principles of list building myself.

    • Jackie

      If you have an email list then it really is worth investing in some time to create a follow up series.

      Thanks for stopping by


  3. Marta

    Hi, I’ve installed a plug-in which allows me to build a mailing list, but I’m still not sure it would work as an autoresponder… or if it could be considered enough. Which one between Aweber, Mailchimp and Getresponse do you think is better? And if I make a Landing Page , which way can I put it on my site? Is there a tutorial I can look at? Thank you!

    • Jackie

      Hello Marta

      I’ve used Aweber for a while now and they have great tutorials on every aspect of autoresponders etc.

      At the moment I’ve trialling with a program called Mailerlite which I’m finding easy to use but will reserve judgement until I’ve given it a thorough testing.



  4. Stephen

    Hi Jackie

    Thanks for the informative post. Is there a plugin you would recommend for getting an email list?

    It’s something I want to add to my website but just haven’t been brave enough yet! I only post once a week and feel like it’s not enough content, would you agree with this?

    • Jackie

      Hi Stephen

      I would suggest you start with your email list as soon as possible.  

      I remember the feeling of trepidation when I first started my list but, believe me, it is worth it.



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