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The concept of earning money online while working from wherever you please, whenever you feel like, is undeniably alluring. Online employment opportunities continue to grow as more businesses strive to establish an online presence. Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most popular methods of generating income through online businesses.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically entails directing potential clients from your website to a seller’s website and getting paid a commission if the clients proceed to make a purchase on the seller’s website. If you have a decent website, you can earn lots of cash from the comfort of your couch without breaking a sweat and having to deal with the pressures of a typical workplace.

Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone with a basic grasp of how the internet works. Due to its flexible nature, it offers a perfect opportunity for stay at home moms, students or anybody who is fed up with formal employment. And just because affiliate marketing can easily be done by anyone doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay well. A good number of people who have taken up affiliate marketing as side-gig to bring in extra bucks during their free time are taken by surprise when they discover the money-making potential it has. Some even forfeit their typical 9-5 jobs upon realizing that they could make more money from the comfort of their home while working on their own terms.Pina colada

As easy as it may sound, some considerable effort is required before you start raking in the dollars as an affiliate marketer. For starters, you must set up a blog or a website whose content covers a specific niche. You will then have to create interesting content for this website to gain steady visitors. You will also need to register for a relevant affiliate marketing program. Once you’ve managed to accomplish all these then you can relax and watch as the money starts trickling in while you sunbathe and sip a pina colada.

This initial process may seem too daunting for anyone with limited experience or technical know-how on the intricacies of online businesses. Thankfully, there are several tools that have been created to enable anyone with limited technical skill or time to easily perform complex online tasks. This article will provide you with some of the best affiliate marketing tools available. These tools can be used in building a website, generating attractive web content, pulling in web traffic and signing up for affiliate programs.


Wealthy affiliate is an all-inclusive training platform for present and future online entrepreneurs. Once you log in to their website, you will be able to go through several training modules that will equip you with several skills which are crucial for setting up and operate a fully functioning website and generating income through it.

The entire course is broken down into clear and easily comprehendible units to accommodate members with no background in computer programming and I.T. Once you complete the course, you will have a deeper understanding of how to create a functional website, run an online business and earn money through affiliate programs. The company goes a step further to assist its members to register their domain names and host their websites.

The beauty about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that the entire training course is totally free! Members who would like additional services besides the free course are however required to sign up for the premium account for a monthly fee. For more information on Wealthy Affiliate click the image below. It’s free to sign up with no credit card details needed.


Starting a blog or website will require you to regularly post interesting articles and features to attract visitors. This might be difficult to do if your writing skills are inadequate or if you have little time to create the needed web content. That’s where Iwriter can come in handy. The Iwriter website employs several writers who specialize in creating web content from product reviews and news articles to e-books. The price you will pay for these articles will depend on the word count requested and the skill-level of the writers you choose to work with.  Click on the image below for more information



Fiverr is widely regarded as the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services and currently ranks among the busiest websites in the world. The website enables freelancers providing a wide range of services such as web
design, software engineering, graphic design, writing and transcription to market themselves to prospective clients seeking these services. For example if you need someone to design your website, you’ll simply post the job on Fiverr and provide all the fine details outlining everything you require from the website’s aesthetics to its functionality. Such job postings are usually called gigs. The website’s search engine will then list all the freelance web designers who are qualified to carry out your gig. This list will also provide information on each freelancer’s level of experience, their portfolios and the rates they charge per gig. Using this data, you will be able to select the most capable freelancer to work for you.

Fiverr has managed to attract highly skilled freelancers and on their marketplace you will be able to find someone competent for almost all kinds of jobs that can be outsourced. This basically means that you can get people to design your website for you, provide all the content you need and even market your website through social media platforms while you relax at the comfort of your home.



Image is everything. This is a commonly repeated phrase which essentially suggests that visual presentation determines the kind of reception someone or something is going to get from the public. This can be proven true in the online world where people are often drawn towards websites that have visually striking features and themes. For someone with limited creativity and no graphic-design skill, creating such a website can be almost impossible. Such people can greatly benefit by using the graphic-design tools found in the Canva website. The website contains several templates, images and fonts that can be easily customized to contain any theme or message. You can use these tools to create captivating ads, social media posts, website backgrounds and so much more. The entire process has been tremendously simplified allowing users to drag and drop or copy-paste images, text and color themes into their website to produce engaging visual presentations of professional quality.

Click the image below to sign up for free membership.



Most website owners with limited coding skills prefer to create their websites using the WordPress website creation tool which makes the entire process less perplexing. Elegant Themes is a tool that can be used to provide visual customization for websites created using WordPress. A one-time payment of $69 will give you unlimited access to over 80 different website design themes which can be used to provide the primary visual foundation for your website. This tool will enable you to customize your layout settings, color schemes and page colorization without having to write down any lines of code.

This site was created using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes.  I love it!  Click the image below for more information.

Elegant Themes

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