Twelve Blogging Tips For Business

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Whether you have an online, offline or a ‘bit of both’ type of business, it is essential to have a website to reach as many potential visitors and customers as possible.  This post gives you twelve blogging tips for business so you can create a perfect website for your business.

Let’s look at these twelve points.

1. Post Consistently

Your visitors and potential customers will expect to hear from you regularly.  It is better to post once or twice a week rather than post daily for one week and then wait three weeks before publishing again.

Consistency Is The Key!

If you have a WordPress website you have the facility to schedule your posts.  So, if you are someone who can write a few posts at one time, you would be able to schedule them to publish them at regular intervals.  I find this a really useful part of WordPress.

Below are the video instructions for scheduling a post.


2.  Provide Relevant, Useful, Quality And Valuable Information

Posting consistently is pointless if the information you are posting isn’t what your visitors want to see.  Quality information on your website is what will keep your visitors engaged, enthusiasitic and wanting to come back for more.

Don’t be afraid to give out information that others are ‘selling’.  You are building relationships built on trust with your audience and if you have information that would be useful to them, tell them.  If they trust you, they will become engaged, enthusiastic and returning customers.

Keep jargon to a minimum and ensure your information is presented in a clear and concise way.

Make it easy for your visitors to pick up the needed information from you

3.  CommentsGoogle

Google likes to see a website which is engaging with its audience.  It gives your website the credibility Google is looking for if you have comments on yours posts and you are responding to those comments.

This is another way building a relationship with your audience and therefore building trust.

At the end of each of your posts ask for comments and then respond to them accordingly.  If a question is asked in the comment box make sure you answer it completely even if this means sending your visitor to another site to provide them with a thorough answer.

Remember, commenting on other websites and forums is useful to get your brand out into the internet world but make sure your comments are relevant, valuable and thorough.

4.  Make It Easy To Subscribe

Having an email list is still a really useful way to target potential customers.  These are people who have already seen you as a source of great information and who would be willing to trust you enough to become a customer.

If you have a free gift you are giving away in exchange for an email address, make sure that gift is ‘valuable’.  Your subscriber should feel as if they have received something ‘expensive’ for free.

There are loads of different forms you can collect subscriber information but I recommend if you are trying to build your list you don’t ask for too much information.  In the beginning, you are only interested in a name (first name) and email address.  Asking for more than this could, possibly, put off a potential subscriber.

Below is an example of an optin form and how not to do it!!

5.  Share

Sharing is huge nowadays.  Whatever you publish on your site it is essential to share it with your friends, likes readers and followers and their friends, likes, readers and followers.

Becoming an expert in social media is a great way to share your content, gain more traffic and get more sales without spending money – win-win.

Your social media posts should include a selection of different content.  Don’t constently post your articles and ‘selling posts’.  Keep you social audience engaged with a whole range of content including videos, quotes, images, stories, information, interspersed with your blog posts and ‘selling posts’.

6.  Make It Easy To Read

A great tip here is to keep your website with a white background with black text.  This has been proven as the easiest to read.  It’s not a good idea to use an elaborate cursive text like this one below.

Keep your paragraphs short with lots of white space in between them and don’t forget to break up the text with some interesting images.

It is so daunting to be faced with a page full of small, hard to read text with no spaces.  Look at this example and see how hard it is to read.

7.  Be Patient

The about starting a website is that it doesn’t, or at least very rarely, become an overnight success with thousands of visitors and sales.

You have to be aware that you are in for the long haul and be patient with your site.  If you follow these  blogging tips for  business you will see success but it doesn’t happen overnight.

8.  Keep A List Of Blog Ideas And Good Quality Keywords

It doesn’t matter what niche you have chosen there are still thousands of good quality keywords and blog ideas for you to use as content for your website.

It is good practice to write down any ideas you have as you think of them.  It just doesn’t work to say ‘that’s a good idea, I’ll have to remember it’.  Honestly, you won’t remember it but you will remember you had a good idea but can’t remember it – so frustrating.

Use your phone, tablet or a good old fashioned pencil and paper and note down any ideas you have or great quality keywords you come across.

You should be in a position where you have too much to write rather wondering what on earth to write about.

9.  Know Your Audience

This is a crucial point and one that can get overlooked.

If you have an ideal visitor in mind when you are writing it makes the job so much easier.  Think of one person and write your content as if you were writing just to that one person.

Let me put this another way.  If you have a website which is geared towards female dog owners over 60 who need to ensure their dogs behave.  Your content will be written in such a way as this particular audience can relate to and understand.  If you write in a masculine manner you would be at risk of alienating some of your visitors.  If you start to write about how to groom a long haired collie you would be alienating another group.

On the other hand if you wrote about a new, innovative method of teaching a large dog how to walk alongside its owner without tripping her up, you’d probably find that your readership engagement would increase along with traffic to your site.

This is another reason why it is important to have a relatively narrow niche – it makes life simpler but is also much more productive in the long run.

10.  Allow Readers To Get To Know You

Have you ever visited a website and felt that the writer was probably a robot or completely uninteresting?

Building a relationship with your audience means giving a little bit of you!

If you have a relevant, personal story to tell then let your readers hear it.  Let them know you are a real person who has experience within their niche.

Make your readers feel they are reading and engaging with someone they are getting to know and like.

11.  Research Competitor Blogs

This is a great tip especially if you are just starting out the on road to an online business.

Look around at as many other websites that are in your niche.  Take notes about the things you like about them and, of course, the things you don’t like.

Look at the colours, fonts, layout, theme etc to see which work well and which ones fall flat!

Take note of the writing styles and images used.

Then, once you’ve researched you’ll have a good idea about how your website is going to stand out from the crowd.

12.  Create Great Headlines

Headlines can be a difficult thing to overcome especially if you’ve had no proper copywriting training.  The good thing about being able to write great headlines is there are some free programs available on the web to help you.

I like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.  Click here to see how it works.

These twelve blogging tips for business should be your way forward to creating a successful online business website.  Of course, there are other points you could follow but these would be my top twelve.

If you’d like to learn all there is to know about blogging and creating a successful online business click here.

I’d be really interested in hearing any of your tips for creating a successful business so please drop your tips in the comment box below.

If you need any help at all in getting your online business off the ground then please let me know.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.