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As you probably know by now I’m a long term member of Wealthy Affiliate and attribute much of my online (and offline) success to their training.

I’ve recently joined another training platform, Sarah Staar’s Licensed Partner Team and want give you an insight into how the two programs compare.

I’ve already written extensively about becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my most recent review here.

As I’m now a member of both WA and LPT I feel that I’m in a good position to write an honest assessment and evaluation.

Wealthy Affiliate

  1.  Free for as long as you wish, including two free websites as a starter member
  2. There is a huge amount of training is based on SEO, Search Engine Optimisaton.
  3. There is an amazing community asking and answering questions about online business.
  4. The Live Chat feature is awesome for help, advice or just a chat 24/7
  5. New information, resources and updates happening all the time.
  6. Monthly payments to stay as a premium member.
  7. An extremely generous affiliate program.
  8. Affiliate program is very competitive
  9. The huge amount of information can be overwhelming at times
  10. A new feature is free SSL certificates on all your own websites at Wealthy Affiliate.

Sarah Staar’s Licensed Partner Team

  1. The training is all about traffic.  Sarah doesn’t enjoy SEO.
  2. Training is on free and paid traffic methods.
  3.  Building an email list is extremely important and Sarah give great training and support in building a list.
  4. Tiered access payments for the different levels of the LPT program including a lifetime access option.
  5. Sarah is constantly adding new products to promote.
  6. Loads of free material for training and also for using as lead magnets.
  7. Sarah holds regular and informative webinars.
  8. Regular webinars are held for LPT members in the form of a Question and Answer session.
  9. There is a generous affiliate program.
  10. Training on how to sell affiliate products.

Turn knowledge into action
There is a huge difference between Wealthy Affiliate and the Licensed Partner Team but, personally, I think they complement each other perfectly.

Both strategies work but only if you follow the training and, more importantly, take action.

I love the Live Chat facility at Wealthy Affiliate but have also had incredible training on a 1-1 basis through Skype with LPT.

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a long time and the community there have been instrumental in my success online and in my lfe in general.

On the other hand, Sarah’s training has added another dimension to my knowledge.  I am now aware that although SEO strategies do work it can take a long time to become successful using free traffic techniques.  Sarah’s training on free traffic was certainly an eye opener to me.

ConclusionTesting the Water

If I was just starting out learning about creating an online business then I would have to say that Wealthy Affiliate teaches everything you need to know.  If you want to become an authority on online business then it really can’t be beaten.  I haven’t found anything that compares with the community at WA and to have support 24/7 is invaluable.

Sarah Staar’s LPT program is great if you have just a little more experience.  Her training strategies will certainly help you to get you business off the ground at a quicker rate but there are costs involved with paid traffic.

As they both give opportunities to give their training to test the waters, so to speak, I would give them both a try to see which suit you better.

Click the link below to get started with Wealthy Affiliate

Below is the link to one of Sarah’s free products.  It really is worth a look


  1. Scott

    This is an awesome article for someone new like myself. I am new to affiliate marketing, building a website, how to run an online business, and on and on. I am a Premium member on Wealthy Affiliate as well, and so far I have learned more information than I can handle it seems. However, I love it! I think for me it sounds like someone like myself can really benefit from both platforms but at different points in time. I think for me, after reading this, I am going to deep dive WA and learn everything I need to know to build a solid foundation and as you said, become an authority. Knowledge is power.

    However, I am a quick learner, I have learned in short time that the internet is VERY competitive. Paid ads seem to be the way to really generate income from your work. But, content is still key and if your work sucks I assume you would just be paying for nothing. This really made me think, thanks! I would highly recommend anyone interested in affiliate marketing, building a website, SEO, etc. reading this to check out Wealthy Affiliate at least. Thanks again!

    • Jackie

      Hi Scott, thanks for your comment.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about creating and running a successful online business and the community is amazing. There aren’t many places where you can get immediate help 24/7. It gives you a great grounding for you to get ahead.

      The training give you more than enough knowledge to go out into the big bad world of internet marketing and sift through the good and the bad. It’s like having a big safety net or security blanket:)

      Sarah Staar is what I would see as the ‘next step’ training and comes at internet marketing from an entirely different stance, not wrong, just different.

      I think the two programs complement each other but only if you have a basic knowledge in running an online business.

      Thanks again


    • Ernest Smartt

      Hello Sarah.
      Your site is very ice, and well written. I have it on my favs so I can refer to it once in a while to help me improve on mine. I am new here so my site is still in progress

      I almost forgot, are FB friends.

      • Jackie

        Thank you Ernie.

  2. Rosa

    Hi Jackie,

    It sounds like Sarah Staar’s basically is to provide training to get traffic and create a list? I can see how that would go hand in hand with Wealthy Affiliate.

    However, it could be difficult for some who cannot pay for traffic. If it provides training for free traffic, that would help. But paid traffic will bring in leads faster than free traffic.

    Good info. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Rosa for taking the time to comment.

      Wealthy Affiliate will always be my online ‘home’ and it is an excellent point on which to gauge other programs. Having a great training program gives us the benefit of making informed choices and having a great foundation on which to build our business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to do this.

      On the other hand, Sarah Staar is, in my opinion, the place to further your training using methods other than those that are free or based on SEO. I think it is best used once you have some good knowledge on how to create and run an online business. I found so many things fell into place when I used both programs together but WA will always be my ‘go to’ place.

      Thanks again


  3. Rob Orrock

    Great comparison between two interesting products, Sounds like Sarah Staar is more focused on the basics of marketing with traffic generation and list build. I imagine that is only s small part of what WA promotes.


    • Jackie

      Yes Rob, you are right. Wealthy Affiliate gives complete and thorough training in all aspects of having an online business. Sarah’s training goes much deeper into list building and paid traffic methods. Good luck with all your training.

  4. Nita

    Well I think you did a great job on comparing the two companies!
    I have tried for several years to create a business online! But Wealthy Affiliate
    Is the only one that has thoroughly come through with the training!


    • Jackie

      I totally agree with you Nita. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the business.
      I hope you have great success with your online endeavours

  5. JT

    Hey Jackie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your head-to-head review, It’s great to hear about an opportunity which actually complements WA’s already extensive training features. I noticed that you “designate” the LPT as a next step in affiliate marketing career. What are the skill requirements for joining this program? Should I already own a website?
    Thanks & Keep up the good work,

    • Jackie

      Hi JT
      There are no skill requirements for Sarah’s LPT. In my opinion though, I would get a good grounding with Wealthy Affiliate first. You can always look at Sarah’s free training products if you want to see if it would suit you. As an example click the link for her 101 Ways To Get Free Traffic

  6. Shannon

    Good comparison of these two services.
    I can see where these two can compliment each other in helping someone build a business online.

    I will definately be looking into Staar’s service on the topic of paid traffic.
    I am aware organic traffic is a slow process.
    I can stand behind Wealthy Affiliate as do know first hand the quality and value of the service. And the integrity the owners display. Researched a lot before joined for the services.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Shannon for your comment.
      The quality of the training at Wealthy Affiliate is premium. I have learnt everything I know about internet marketing from them.
      Organic traffic can be a slow process but it is worth the wait.

  7. Kevin Kirkpatrick

    You Sarah Starr sight looks like a great compliment to WA. Another smart tool I will try and add to tool box. Thank you Jackie.

    Love your site. It is very easy to read and presented your points very clearly. The Font is a good choice but pink is not my color. Great job on getting attention to your material.


    • Jackie

      Lol, thanks Kevin, sorry about the pink but when you’ve lived in a house full of boys pink is a bit of light relief!
      Thanks for reading and the comment.
      Good luck in your business ventures

  8. Simon

    Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Sarah Staar.
    I have never heard of Sarah Staar but the information you have provided has spurred me to place this on my bucket list for later on once I have finished the Wealthy Affiliate course.
    Both systems do sound like they complement each other very well. What would you suggest, finish my Wealthy Affiliate training before moving into the Sarah Staar system or do both at the same time?
    Personally I am trying to build up enough content to accomplish the high ranking division with the Search Engines through organic growth. I haven’t yet participated with paid ads or email lists as this is further on in the course.
    I am interested in knowing: How are your getting on with paid ads and email lists?
    Thanks for your reviews here,

    • Jackie

      Hello Simon, thanks for taking the time to read my comparison.
      To be honest, I would finish the training at Wealthy Affiliate and then, if you feel the need, have a look at Sarah’s LPT.
      Sarah has lots of free products that would help you find out about paid advertising though, this one may be of interest to you https://et148.isrefer.com/go/hsapl/JMO60/HSAP117.
      Good luck with your business ventures

  9. John Rico

    Hey there! I really enjoyed your comparison of wealthy affiliate and sarah staar. I read good things about wealthy affiliate but I haven’t heard of sarah staar. I’m looking for a part time job and I only have limited money to spend but I have plenty of spare time to invest. Both wealthy affiliate and sarah staar is new to me so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. Which one is the best for me given my situation is right now? I really appreciate your response.

    • Jackie

      Hey John, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site.

      I would always suggest Wealthy Affiliate for learning the basics of internet marketing. It gives you such a good grounding and a support system which can’t be matched.

      Once you have those basics under your belt then Sarah’s product make much more sense and take things up a notch or two.

      I wish you every success in your online endeavours


  10. Norman

    For anyone who want to ditch the nine to five and become their own boss wealthy affiliate is the place where they can find online success.When you here of the many success stories of persons like us it is so amazing. In my opinion wealthy affiliate has the best training program when it comes to website build and making monies with your website. I love the system they have in place, anyone can do it. Wealthy affiliate is making a big difference in the lives of persons.

    • Jackie

      Hi Norman

      I couldn’t have said it any better.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Take care



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