What About Empower Network? Is It Ethical?

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Empower Network have the most amazing marketing strategy.
There is a huge amount of it; it’s constant; it’s loud; it’s enthusiastic.
It tells you very little about the company, strategies, or training!

The Davids (Wood and Sharpe) are charismatic presenters and have the skill of being able to make E.N. sound as if you cannot do without it.
I’ve been researching Empower Network for a while and I still have very little idea about what they are actually ‘selling’.

What is it?
In my humble opinion, I feel that it is a MLM company cloaked in the guise of using blogging to earn money – and lots of it, apparently.
The more people you can sign up, the more commission you will receive – sound familiar!

Who would benefit from Empower Network?
Hmm, this is difficult to answer.
If you have little web or marketing experience I would recommend that you keep well away.
If you are a seasoned marketer with a large following then you may be able to do well but I would still recommend that you keep well away.

What to expect
Well, to begin, expect lots of upsells.  That is, every step of the way you will be needing to spend more of your hard earned cash on getting to the next level of commission.
Some of the training is good but this only comes with the high end training which will set you back more than $5000.00!$5000

What not to expect
Unless you are very lucky to be in a team with leaders who can inspire and help you along the way (not many of those) then the support can be lacking.  When you are starting an online business, support is crucial.
Unless you are willing to go all-in. don’t expect to make much money, if any.  The more cash you pay out, the more commission you can earn.

What do you get and how much do you pay?The Real Deal
The first stage
‘Viral Blogging System’ which, according to E.N. is worth $497
‘A Complete Money Getting Formula in video format, which would cost $297.
At first glance I thought they were offering this for $25 in which case I would have given it a go to see what it was all about.  
Looking more carefully, this is $25 every 30 days.  
You get a website.  You cannot fully customise this site and it is not owned by you.  Once you stop paying the $25, you have no access to your/ site.
There is some basic website and blog training and some motivational stuff but nothing of much substance to help you move forward.

The next stage is the Inner Circle.
For this you get access to videos from the past two years.  
A word of advice here; the internet world moves extremely quickly so information from 2 years ago, even 1 year ago may be redundant now.  Worse, acting on some old information can actually harm your business.
Some psychological training with ‘tricks of the trade’ and some live event recordings.
There isn’t much real training and the commission still stays at the low percentage.
For this you need to pay $100
And then $100 every 30 days.

The next step is the $15 Formula
This training shows ‘as many marketing strategies as possible’
The $15K Formula is a ‘must have’ according to the sales pitch.
Apparently these strategies will work for every business where a client base is needed.
For this you need to pay $1000
Yep, $1000 and you still don’t get the high commission.

The Costa Rica Master is the next step.
This must be amazing due to the price tag.
This is where you learn the ‘dangerous concepts’ because these will teach you how to make an enormous amount of money.
The Masters Course consists of more than 40 videos and is, according to Empower Network equivalent to a college degree in marketing.
For this you will have to fork out $3500

Buying in to all of the steps will, eventually, lead you to access to the high commissions.

A reminder about commissions.
It is probably worthwhile mentioning that you will have already spent more than $5000 with recurring monthly fees as well.  Any commission you may get will not be profit until you have earned your ‘outgoing fees’

The community at Empower Network feel that $5000+ is a bargain and if you don’t go ‘all-in’ you are labelled a ‘wussie’.  Not sure about this at all.  Putting your savings, credit card or loan into a scheme which only values those people who are willing to take a risk, and a big risk at that.

The Affiliate Program

PyramidAfter enquiring about the affiliate program my mind was made up about Empower Network.

To become an affiliate, that is, to market their site on your own site costs $19.95 dollars every month.
I’m sure they offer a generous commission structure for anyone joining up but my worry here is that they don’t care how you manage to snare these unsuspecting people.  There seems to be a complete lack of ethics when it comes to making money with E.N and I find this hard to stomach.

I’m not and will never be an affiliate for Empower Network.


I’ve built a list of the criteria I feel is needed if you are to become successful within Empower Network.  It isn’t an exhaustive list and if you have any to add I’d love to hear from you.

  • Totally unethical when it comes to encouraging others to spend money.
  • A long and fruitful career within the MLM structure.
  • A huge following from that MLM career.
  • A tendency to find the odd $5000 down the back of the sofa.
  • Have no flair for starting your own online business due to need of the support of other unethical people.
  • Stupidity! 

The internet is full of scams and untrustworthy individuals but there are also those whose mission is to help, provide information and solve problems as their main priority and making money comes next.

To keep the internet a safe place for everybody, I feel it necessary to ‘out’ those whose ethics don’t meet the highest standards.

All of my reviews use Wealthy Affiliate as my benchmark.  This is a high standard and any organisation that comes close is worth a look.

Final Word

Empower Network comes nowhere near my benchmark.  The only word to be used to describe their business is 

SCAM Rubber Stamp