What Is A WordPress Plugin

by | Jul 30, 2017 | What is..? |

As you start to get to know WordPress, you’ll find there are additional features you may want for your website. The best way to get these features is to add a plugin.

A plugin is a piece of software that “plugs into” the WordPress software.

It’s like if your living room was well-lit in the middle of the room, but the light doesn’t quite reach a couple of corners. What would you do? You might “plug in” a lamp or two to get that extra brightness.

  • Maybe you want to add a form so site visitors can email you – there is a plugin for that.
  • Maybe you want to add new fonts to WordPress – there is a plugin for that.
  • Maybe you want to accept payment on your website – there is a plugin for that.

The list is endless.

Plugins are developed by third parties.

Many, many plugins are free. Others are commercial and come with a cost.

The advantage of commercial plugins is that you’ll get

  • enhanced security
  • paid staff who update it regularly
  • someone to contact if the plugins cause problems.

Free plugins may be someone’s side project that they’ve left to sit on the shelf. Both have their advantages. 

One word of warning though – if you have too many plugins on your site you run the risk of slowing down your site’s load speed.  This is an important area of having an online business.

How many times have you clicked away from a site because it took too long to load?