What Is An ‘About Me’ Page? – It’s Not About YOU!

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Guess what? –  Your “About Me” page isn’t really about you! It’s about your readers.


It’s true.

So, what is an ‘about me’ page?

Here’s what I mean about it NOT being about you.

Think of your “About Me” page as an interview. When you interview for a job, you share about yourself in such a way as to show the interviewer why you are a good fit for their company.

“About Me” pages are going to get a great deal of traffic on your blog, so you need to use it to bring in an audience. Use your page to show your reader why you are a good fit for their time and commitment to your blog.

Use your “About Me” page to tell your potential readers:All about me

  1. The purpose of your blog.
  2. How you are uniquely qualified to write the blog.
  3. That you are a real-life, human being.
  4. How to connect with you.
  5. That you are grateful they visited.
  6. And, what you want them to do next.

A Blog’s Purpose

Really, this is pretty straightforward, but here are some questions you can use to help you develop this portion of your “About Me” page.

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • Who is your blog aimed at?
  • What need did you see that needed filled?
  • What value are you giving your reader?


This is where you are going to talk about your expertise and experiences. There are hundreds of ways to share your qualifications. You can create a list, you can tell a story, you can weave your qualifications throughout your “About Me” page . . . to name a few. Just make sure you share them.

At the end of the day you need to answer these questions:

  • Why should someone believe you?
  • Why is your expertise important?
  • Do you even have any expertise?
  • Who are you to give someone advice?
  • Have you given solutions to other people? If so, include testimonials or links to your portfolio.

The Person Behind the Words

Remember, as you develop your “About Me” page, you still have to be you.

Write like you talk.

People stop by your “About Me” page because they want to encounter a person, not a resume. Remember, this is an interview!

If you are a funny person, but you try to come across as serious, it won’t work. If you are a serious person, but attempt to be funny, your “About Me” page will fall flat on its face.

Instead of trying to be something you aren’t, open up and be real. People who come across as real and authentic, are that way! If you love Star Wars, share it in your “About Me” page, even if that isn’t what your blog is about. No need to go in-depth on the subject, but a sentence or two can give people a glimpse of the real you.

For a fun example of having a personality on your “About Me” page, visit this one over at Warby Parker.

And isn’t it nice to see a real-life human being? I think so, that’s why I include my picture on my blog. I encourage you to do the same!


If you are a real person, then allow people to interact with you. In fact, invite them to do so! Say something like, “I would love to get to know you better, please find me on Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, . . . And leave links to your social media sites.

You might consider adding a widget that allows readers to see your last few posts on one of your social media sites. This way they can see how you interact on social media without ever having to leave the page (the easier it is for people to do anything, the more likely they are to do it).  

Building a loyal fan base (that will promote your blog for free) is about developing community. Make certain your “About Me” page includes a “contact me” link. Maybe your “contact me” link is leveraging the social media buttons we discussed above, but maybe it’s a form on your website where they can send you an email.

Give readers every opportunity to connect with you.  

Thank youThe Gratitude Attitude

Thank your readers for visiting. Express appreciation for their time. It’s a way to show you care.

One gesture you could make might be to develop some type of a freebie for them to download. Maybe it’s an e-book or how to guide. Do you take photos? Give them a few stock-photos for free.

A freebie shows readers both appreciation and how you will offer them value right off the bat.

Now What?


Someone has spent their time engaging with you on your “About Me” page. They’ve read to the end. You have them on the hook.

Include a call to action (CTA)! Ask them to subscribe to your blog, or sign-up for your newsletter, or share your latest blog post on their social media. Don’t let them leave without giving them an action item. And this goes for each and every blog post.

If you don’t give a reader something to do, they’ll likely forget you!

Click the link below to watch a video by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate about creating an About Me page.


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