What Is An Online Business About? – The Mindset

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One of your goals in life is to have your own online business.  It would solve so many problems if you could create an income for yourself rather than working your life away for someone else to reap the benefits.

But, what is an online business about?

Is it possible to create a fulltime income from an online business?

Actually, I’m going to answer the second question first, mainly because it is an easy one!

Is it possible to create a fulltime income from an online business? YES

Right that’s the easy one out of the way now let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

What is an online business about?

In a nutshell, an online business is any business that happens through the internet – the World Wide Web.

Can anyone start an online business?  YES

Can anyone start a successful online business?  YES but with provisos.

The ‘Business Mindset’ enters the arena.

If you are serious about creating an online income that is what you must be – SERIOUS!

If you go into this half heartedly, that’s what you’ll get out of it.

Let’s look at some components in the mindset of successful online entrepreneurs.

Always researching, learning and taking action of their findings.

The world on internet marketing changes at a remarkable speed and it is important to keep up with new innovations, algorithms, news and findings.

Willing to take risks.

Yes, this means moving out of your comfort zone.  This is a scary thought for so many of us but remember, it doesn’t matter how far you travel from your comfort zone, it’s those baby steps in the right direction that will make a difference in the long run.

Willing to make mistakes.

Of course you’ll make mistakes, who doesn’t?

The thing to remember here is, learn from them and don’t wither away when something doesn’t go the way you planned.

Have a strong, like-minded network around you.

This network can be online, offline or a mixture of both.  If you mix with people who constantly pull you down, guess where you will find yourself – yep ‘down’.

Your network should be pushing you on to your next goal, giving your help and inspiration.

Keep moving forward.

No matter how small the step, as long as they are in the right direction, you’ll succeed.


Realise the X-Box, Facebook, Candy Crush etc will still be there when you have finished working on your own business.

Your time must be spent building your business (especially in the early stages) and not on how many zombes you exterminated in the last level!


Be willing to ask for help.

This isn’t being a failure.  This is realising your limitations and when you need a helping hand so you can reach the next level towards your goals.

Have faith in your own decisions.

Don’t let others make choices for you – that’s called ‘working for somebody else!’

Make your decisions based on your knowledge and experience and stick to them.  If it turns out it was the wrong choice, learn by your error but don’t give in.

Revisit your goals on a regular basis.

Your goals are your driving force.  They show you where you have come from and how far you’ve got to go.

Don’t stop creating goals and targets.  If you reach one, congratulate yourself and create another one.


Listen to your customers
Listen to your peers
Listen to the experts


Most importantly…
Listen to yourself.
Check you language and keep it positive. You can do this!!

Become a ‘Doer’ not a lazy thinker.

Thinking is great and a necessity but pointess in business without the ‘doing’.

There are copious amounts of training, courses and blogs show what an online business is about. You’ll see advice such as

‘Don’t work in your pyjamas!’

‘Spend at least 10 hours a day creating your website!’

etc, etc, etc.

As long as you have the correct mindset and want your business to work in the way you want it to work then run your business however it suits you.  Whether that be from your bed, couch, office, beach or jungle, it’s your decision.

Probably the best way to fail at your online business in not to start in the first place.

Good luck.


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