What Is Super Affiliate Network? Do I Need It?

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What Is Super Affiliate Network?…

The Super Affiliate Network is an online training course delivered through videos, live events and webinars.

It was created by Misha Wilson who was an aspiring tennis player until injury and illness put an end to his career.

The Super Affiliate Network has created a course whereby all the tools required to create a successful affiliate marketing business. It provides these tools as well as ‘done with you’ and ‘done for you’ options for your affiliate marketing business.

It business format is based on that of a franchise and has good systems in place for you to follow or to have done for you.

Each member has a mentor to help, especially in the early days, who is available via Skype. The first training is a Boot Camp with teaches you how to promote the Super Affiliate Network although, I have to say, there are some good lessons for any type of affiliate business.

The biggest focus within the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is on solo ads and email marketing.

And Who Is It For?

The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is for those people with some cash to spend. If you are just starting out on affiliate marketing and are on a tight budget I would recommend this program with is free.

Of course, if you have some spare cash then going for the ‘done for you’ option could work out to be very lucrative.

In my opinion, it is for those who have some knowledge of creating an internet marketing business who have, maybe, come to a crossroads and need a boost. If you need a push to gain higher payouts then SAN could be just what you need.

Because the costs can be quite high it is definitely something you need to be enthusiastic about and to take advantage of the systems and resources that are available for you to use.

In A Nutshell

NutshellName: Super Affiliate Network

Owner: Misha Wilson

URL: https://thesuperaffiliatenetwork.com/

Training: 9.6/10

Support 9.4/10

Website Builder: N/A

WordPress Hosting N/A

Research Tools N/A

Other Marketing Tools 9/10

The Pros

Free Trial (well $1!!)

It is possible to get started with the Super Affiliate Network for $1 so you can have a good around the site and see if it is for you.Dollar


The training is constant. After the Profit Boosting Bootcamp which consists of 3 phases and 18 modules there is a never ending stream of live webinars, new products

Live Webinars

Every weekday there is a 20-25 minute FaceBook Live training/motivation session with many of the big earners within SAN. Misha Wilson is always adding new videos to help with training and new products.

Misha Wilson

Misha is the owner of Super Affiliate Network and is very much in the front line of his business. There doesn’t seem to be a day when he doesn’t post a video or add more training.


Being able to have a one to one coach is a great benefit of this program. It gives the opportunity to iron out any issues, set goals and targets, check you are on the right track etc.


Becoming an affiliate of SAN you can receive up to 100% on some of the training programs and the possibility to earn $1,000 to $4,000 on single products is good.

Money Back Guarantee

If you find the Super Affiliate Network isn’t for you there is a ‘better than money back’ guarantee. You’ll be able to your bootcamp training and any ‘done for you funnels but also your money will be refunded and Misha will also send you $100 for wasting your time.

Although costly, the ‘done for you’ systems work and the potential to earn some high commissions is great. If you don’t enjoy the ‘business’ side of affiliate marketing then this may be just what you are looking for.


The Cons


There are upsell within the Super Affiliate Network but it is possible to earn an income using the basic membership.

Doesn’t teach the basics

There isn’t much training for setting up and running a website. Of course, it isn’t absolutely to own a website but it is certainly a more professional method of running an internet business. For the basics click here

Not For Complete Newbies

If you have no experience of internet marketing then this program may just send you into an overwhelm stress out!!! There is so much information but it is geared to those with at least the basic understanding of an internet business.

The Cost

The cost to join the Super Affiliate Network and get access to the Profit Boosting BootCamp is $1. There are upsells after this if you want to participate and these can become costly but with benefits.

Who Is It For?Cash

In my opinion The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is specifically for those people with some extra cash to hand to spend on a ‘done for you’ system for making money online.

It is something worth considering if you have tried, unsuccessfully or with some small success, to earn an income online and need some help to earn the big bucks.

I joined the Super Affiliate Network because I wanted to learn some new strategies which will earn higher commissions but was pleased it came with some great training as well as an active community.

It needs an enthusiastic approach and you must be willing to commit to the program as well as be prepared to take advantage of the systems and resources available.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

  • One To One Coaching
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Done For You Traffic
  • Live Interactive Community
  • Live Training And More
  • Global Sales Systems

Let’s look at these points in turn.

One To One Coaching. – When you sign up to The Super Affiliate Network you’ll be assigned a dedicated coach who will Skype to chat to you on a 1-1 basis. They are there to help you understand the processes involved and iron out any issues you may be having.

Email Marketing Automation

You may have heard the phrase

‘the money is in the list’

You may not be as familiar with the saying

“The Fortune Is In The Follow-up”

There is a great deal of training in video format as well as FaceBook Live events giving advice, hints, tips and ‘how to’ information for your email campaigns. If you hate the idea of creating these campaigns then The Super Affiliate Network has a ‘done for you’ solution to email marketing, complete with a follow-up system in place to put you on the road to earning an excellent income.

Done For You Traffic

Most month a traffic co-op takes place. This is where you can pay to join a marketing campaign and drive quality traffic from around the world.

Live Interactive Community

Not only do you have a personal coach you also have access to the live interactive community. Most weekdays a FaceBook Live training session takes place with very successful members of the team giving help to those are need it. Misha Wilson (Owner) also holds live training sessions and is happy to help with any aspect of your online business training.

Training And More

The BootCamp training can be accessed at any time along with a series of training materials included with your membership. This include videos on Solo Ads, Facebook Ads and Traffic Generation techniques. These training opportunities are as well as the live training session which take place on a regular basis.

Global Sales System

You’ll have access to an automated sales system which does all of the selling for you and automatically follows up with your prospects. All you need to do is drive traffic unless, of course, you choose to use the ‘done for you’ program


In answer to the question ‘what is Super Affilliate Network?’ I would say it is a program based on the franchise system where you can buy into different level and receive commissions based on the levels. It relies heavily on solo ads and email marketing techniques but delivers good training on these as well as ‘done with you’ and ‘done for you’ programs.

If you are looking for some high commissions and have a basic understanding of how to run an online business then it is well worth a look at the Super Affiliate Network especially as it only cost $1 to have a look around.

It isn’t a program I’d recommend to anyone who is completely new to the internet marketing world. I would recommend this program for learning all there is to know about starting an online business including two free websites.

Super Affiliate Network






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