What Is Website Hosting

by | Sep 8, 2017 | What is..? |

Website Hosting is a service that provides a storage space for your website.

GoDaddy and is a fairly famous hosting service.  I buy my domain names and have all my websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.  I love the way they look after me and my websites!

GoDaddy and is another fairly famous hosting service.  While you can purchase your domain name there, you can also rent space from them for your website.

If you didn’t have a website host, you wouldn’t have anywhere to store all the contents of your website. It would be disconnected from the world.



Think of a host like a shopping mall. The shopping mall “hosts” all kinds of businesses. You can put your business anywhere, but one option is that shopping mall.Shopping Mall

There are benefits to using different hosting services, just like various locations give your business different benefits.

Some services may offer more storage or faster website access. It’s all about determining what you want and shopping around.

It’s a case of deciding on the type of hosting services you need and then searching for the company that can come up with the goods.

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