Why A Target Audience Is Important

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What Is A Target Audience?

In short, a target audience is a group of people who would be interested in your product, service or resource.

For instance, target audience in specific niches could be:

  • Mothers looking for colic cures
  • Grandmothers looking for the perfect wedding outfit
  • Working women looking for the best way to keep fit
  • Carers looking for holidays with their charge.
  • Those looking for the executive suit for the interview

Not only do you need to know who your target audience is but also how and where to find them.

Why A Target Audience Is Important

There is a tendency, especially in the early stages of creating an online business to try to target as many people as possible whether they may be in need of your product or not.

This isn’t a particularly good use of your time, resources or money.

Having a target audience will, ultimately, give you more credibility within your chosen niche. For example, if you’re Luxury Holidaypromoting luxury holidays to single career women you are able to write and target that specific niche. Your website will contain a variety of posts which your target audience would find useful. Using SEO techniques you will be able to find those keywords which your audience are searching for and then turn them into regular visitors and, ultimately, customers.

Writing a post on how to backpack as cheaply as possible in Chile probably would interest your audience and your credibility would be lowered. On the other hand, writing about the latest deals the top hotel in Singapore has to offer along with a review of the hotel would entice your target audience into your site.

It is so much easier to write for a target audience than trying to please all the people all the time. Your writing style and products would differ greatly between an audience consisting of university students and grandmothers both wanting to know what are the best shoes to wear to a wedding. Your couldn’t please both!!

For more information on target audiences click here

Crafting Specific Messages

Always start with a powerful headline to capture the attention of your audience but don’t let them down by having content which isn’t of the highest quality.

A good idea when crafting your message is to start at the end of the process and work backwards, ie what do you want your visitor to do? click, buy, sign up, download etc. Ensure that each message you give guides your visitor to the intending outcome. If it doesn’t, get rid of it and create a more aligned message.

Keep your messages succinct, to the point and relevant. Don’t ramble on if you have a short message to convey or action you want them to do.

Keep your writing style natural and consistent whilst using images to help put your point across.

Problem solvingYour Can Solve Their Problems

Your main objective is to help your visitors to solve a problem or issue. Going back to our single career women who want a luxury holiday, your job will be to take the hard work out of searching for the best hotel at the right price, reviewing the holidays and giving your visitor as much information in one place as she is likely to need.

This will help your visitor learn to trust your opinion and research and not only will she come back to you but is likely to recommend you to others in the same situation.

Your emphasis should always be on helping your visitor achieve their goal.

Cost Effective

If you are considering buying traffic through channels such as FaceBook then having a target audience makes this a much more cost effective method than trying to reach a huge number of people whether they need you help or not. The more you can narrow down your audience the cheaper the advertising costs will be and the more successful your campaign will be.

Your Can Decide The Most Effective Marketing Tools To Use

As well as being cost effective, you will be able to find the most effective marketing tools to use. In your research you may realise that your target audience doesn’t tend to respond to Twitter but is very active within the Pinterest or FaceBook channels.

It is this type of information which helps you to make your marketing campaigns so much more effective.

Build A Marketing Plan Around Your Target Market

Using your target audience gives you the opportunity to put into place the perfect marketing plan. Not only will you know who you are targeting but where to find them and how to help them solve their problems.

So, now you know why a target audience is important, the world is your oyster so go and make you mark on your oyster!!!

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